She loves him but he is not a Muslim?


Marriage between a non-Muslim man and a Muslim woman is forbidden and invalid. It is absolutely not permissible under any circumstance in Islamic law (shari’a) of Allah, for a non-Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman, as Allah says in the Quran:
“And give not (your daughters) in marriage to disbelievers until they believe.” (2:221)
Allah also says: “They (Muslim women) are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them.” (60:10)
If a Muslim woman marries a kaafir (disbeliever), then she is a zaaniyah (adulteress), the children are the children of zina (fornication) and her punishment is the punishment for adultery. If she was ignorant of the ruling then she is excused, but they must be separated, and there is no need for a divorce because the marriage is null and void.

About Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters (UMBS) was started as a discussion forum in 2010 by a Ugandan Muslim, Abbey Semuwemba, based in the United Kingdom. The main aim at the time was to encourage all Muslims to come together and discuss anything on their minds. It was started with only about 200 members but gradually, however, membership expanded to more than 6000 people in different countries, and so the need arose for formal operational guidelines. UMBS is building itself to become the national umbrella organisation dedicated to the common good, to the betterment of the Muslim community and country. It was formed after several years of wide-ranging consultation and careful planning by a group of Muslims that discussed Islamic affairs online regularly. It intends to bring together all representatives of different Muslim organisations in Uganda to meet up on annual basis to discuss the affairs of Muslims in Uganda. The need to coordinate efforts on wider issues of common concern became apparent in the course of the feud that developed between Muslim leaders after the sale of Muslim properties in Uganda. This created a climate of distrust and non-cooperation between many diverse groups in the country.

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  1. Last week, we put our sisters on the hard rock to explan why they marry christians. These is a conversation between me and some friend. See how our Muslim brothers are going to the extremes. Allah save us.

    Salaam aleiku
    Walaika msalaam
    How are you dear
    Good dear, how are you?
    How is your mom by the way? Send her my regards
    What is the religion of your husband?
    He is called Abdul’
    Ate gwe, kati bakuwa linya kyi?
    Am still Becky coz we got married in ma religion
    Ok and he remained Muslim?
    Some how
    Strange, which church was this?
    And they knew that he was still Muslim, or you people lied to them?
    yes they knew he was Muslim but accepted to get baptized
    Eeeh, baptized ate Muslim?
    U gat to be confused
    Sure I am
    The thing is he converted

    Ahmed Wetaka
    P.O BOX 2488
    Mbale- Uganda
    Mobile +256 772 609736

  2. Brother Ahmed, this is very absurd but it is happening in this country. I know of a muslim guy who is dating a christian lady and he is not bothered when it comes to buying her pork for a snack. All he minds about is the lady’s happiness. I think we seriously need guidance. A seminar of sorts would be of GRT help, otherwise deen will be no more in the next generation. We might end up getting back to the Jahiliya days.


    Ismail. H

  3. Ahmed Wetaka, under a Canon law, if you become an heretic, it is upon each
    and every Christian, or Catholic for that matter, to kill you. Is that
    different from the Islamic position of apostacy or a military position of a

  4. Aslm Alkm

    The solution is very simple.

    We all Know that Muslim Men want serious Muslim girls for marriage.

    If any girl wants to get married, let her behave like a serious Muslim girl. If a girl puts on proper Hijab and performs her 5 Salah, chances are she will not take more than 1 year without a suitor.

    So for starters, the ball is in the Court of the Muslim girls to refine themselves into marriage material.
    Then for the Muslim girls who are not “serious”, these we need to help so they can learn and understand their Deen. Teaching this category of girls may not be necessarily the work of the Sheikhs since they might minimise them give their secular backgrounds.

    The duty to put these girls on the right path squarely falls on the shoulders of us who have gone through the conventional system of education.

    So if you see a Muslim girls that going astray, dont be shy, tell her what she ought to know and do. If she is indecently dressed, dont wait for the sheikh to tell her what Islam says about women’s dressing- just tell her yourself on the spot.

    I believe if we adopt this kind of collective responsibility attitude, we are bound to achieve much more than we can Imagine.

    And before I forget, Dear sisters, if a brother approaches you to marry you as his second wife, this is your chance- dont just turn him down.
    I must admit that only a few brothers are ready for commitment, so grab the chance when it strikes. The main issue is getting a Muslim husband who will help you improve your Deen. The main point is that You and your husband help each other to attain Jannah. It doesnot matter whether this person has another wife for as long as he gives you your due rights and will help you with your Deen. Dont forget, the ultimate goal is Jannah.
    So get a TEAMMATE(with a first wife or not) who will help lead you along the Straight Path.

    May Allah guide us on the Straight Path.

  5. Assalamm aleikum,

    i don’t exactly remember whether it was after the battle of badri or Uhud, when many Sahabs were killed and amongst the survivors one of them asked Rasullullah:”is there any more battle greater than this ?He Rasullullah replied, there is one”Ghaziwatul fikri” (the ideologocal/contemporary/secular-warfare).

    In ahadith which i cannot recall well, He Rasullullah said “Mujja goberela banyini kitabo(Christians, jews etc) luta kuluta , mpaka lwe baliyingira obunywa bwe nswaswa , namwe mubuyingire)-in short a time will come when moslems admire, adore ,copy behave like non-muslims till the non moslems will perform certain rituasls and festivals and the moslems will aprove those rituals and follow suit

    the problem of not marrying or getting married is caused by the so called modernisation, seeing the Islamic culture as inferior.Idont agree with the word second wife , or or 4th. all wives serve the same purpose .This numbering them brings problems.I shall and will call all my wives number one.Kubanga bagasa ekintu kimu.

    Am to continue on this topic. one is calling me urgently

    Bukulu Haruna

  6. Dear Brothers and sisters,

    Marriage is one the most challenging topic during this era.
    I can imagine how hurting it is to our sisters to think of having a co-wife.
    But as Abdul-Rahim Mbabazi put it, if we consider this world as a means of attaining Janna, even the most difficult tasks will eventually become very easy for us.
    Talking about surplus muslim girls, part of the solution is polygamy but this has to be practised cautiously. Allah allowed us to practice polygamy for reasons well known.
    It is very unfortunate for our brothers who go for non-muslims leaving our muslim sisters, but note that the kind of people who do this are those that are determined to follow the way of christianity.
    I would like to caution muslim brothers to always look beyond the dress. There are muslim girls who can’t part with both Hijab and many other evils like Shirk, adultery etc. Likewise there are very nice ladies who dress relatively decently because of where they were brought up but are very willing to change. Those are much better than the former.
    Lastly let us help pious men and women get pious partners.
    If you know of two pious muslim people of opposite sex, try you level best to cnnect them.
    By doing so, we shall increase the proportion of pious offsprings.
    The only reason muslims get married to non-muslims is because of lack of patiecence, otherwise there is no way a muslim can fail to get a suitable muslim partner.

    Abu-Baker Ggayi

  7. asalam alaikum

    dear brothers and sisters this issue is very important but the problem with our muslim girls is that they are always in need of being the first ladies forgetting that these days men who want to marry are above 30yrs this means that they are already married and need a second wife.AND this kuwunyira ziizi our muslim girls and most of them are approaching 30yrs. The end result is to be hooked up by non muslim men who by the way take long to marry oba why? they promise them to be first ladies and end up being dumped after wards.

    On this note therefore i would request our sisters to accept getting married to muslim men even if she is second wife or what.what matters is LOVE BETWEEN THE TWO.

    They also complain about the kids muslim men who propose to marry them have. Come on sisters you are coming from a family of 30 now you complain the family of 6 what are you talking about? Please consult the sheiks on this matter instead of going to club silk,ange etc

    haji jjuuko

  8. am sheik sebuliba ismael currently am ou of uganda,girls this days behaving the way i cant even imagine their life style is behaving like prostitues and after all they claim they want to be married by muslim someone who had never even prayed for her life time who cant even recite any duwa,they drink beer sooo after failing and even resort to deliver a child or two then she claim she needs a muslim man to settle,am assuring all young girls no matter wat a good girl grown up with modesty and with religious life and charcter can be with compitition why men can fight for one woman when their many out there…so the own problem is that parents forget their role and played deaf about life style of a muslim girl bse of eduaction.
    sh ismael

  9. while i agree with you that guys are reluctant to marry the biggest problem we have is that most girls are not willing to start a life with someone.

    They are materialistic they want, a man who is already established in IUIU our guys would shun us because we were students and we didn’t have what they wanted nice car, house, DSTV and the likes.

    But i want to assure you that those who got men within the university are happily married and even more richer than those guys they found in the field. The other thing is that parents are also a little out of touch with reality, they want big Kwanjula’s and weddings, this is not affordable for most of us especially when you are a fresh graduate.

    Ahmed Wetaka
    P.O BOX 2488
    Mbale- Uganda
    Mobile +256 772 609736

  10. Iam of the view that , let there be kind office or place where muslims ladies and men meet to choose marriege. recently hajjat sophia natongo got married to a non muslim, a certain hajj one kyambade offered his daughter to be amrreid by tycoon muscian Ronald mayinja and many others what is all this saga about. money no muslim men?

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