Are there any Wealthy Muslim in Uganda Without Any Haraam business


The debate on whether or not Mutaasa Kafeero could use his money to construct a mosque left me wondering whether we have any wealthy Ugandan Muslim who is not involved any business that contravenes the teachings of Islam.

There is none that I know of. But what is surprising is why are people asking Mutaasa Kafeero about is businesses now? He has been around for sometime, some Muslims even use the prayer rooms on his arcades to pray and ask no questions.

Hajji BMK has also constructed Musa Mosque in hotel Africana, where we perform prayers without any question.

We have infact made Hotel Africana, the official host of all Muslim functions. But we know that a lot of Haram goes on in that hotel including the sale of alcohol.

Habibu Kagimu, who is also a stronger financier of Muslim activities, is the chairman Kampala Casino. I have also been told that the biggest supplier of swine in Kampala is a Hajji [I am yet to establish his name and get evidence] who it is.

Some prominent Muslims are also MDs and Managers of banks which operate of Ribbah, but none of us is questioning or cautioning them. Do we have any wealthy Muslim whose money is acceptable in Islam? Why have we remained silent?

The problem is when people get charged before internalizing what they have read. I have not in anyway said lets legalise Haraam, never!!
What am saying is why is it that we allow to go to bed with people involved in similar businesses with Mutaasa and single out only one person?
I have repeatedly seen some Muslims on this forum saying Kaketo should got to Prince Kassimu  Nakibinge, who is running a ribbah bank for arbitration, or Hajji Moses Kigongo who runs a bar at his Mousa Courts. Does it mean that when he meets Nakibinge, Kamulegeya or Kigongo and they say his money will become Halal? Why are we applying Islam selectively is my question?
Do we dispute the fact that people attend prayers at Mousa Mosque in Hotel Africana? Do you also dispute the fact that Hajji Kagimu funds muslim activities using money from his gambling business? Why haven’t our very pious sheikhs come out to say no. Infact, i am even suprised that the church can reject money from people they think are a shame to their faith, and Muslims only do it when it suites their interest. I didn’t have to go to O’level to study Islam, i did at a very tender age, in a madras constructed and fully funded by my father, i am a proud Muslim.
My dispute in this is using double standards. Lets us tell Nakibinge, Moses Kigongo, Mutaasa Kafeero and Basajjabalaba that your investments are Haraam. Employing double standards is hyporicy of the highest order.
Allah Knows Best.

Ahmed Wetaka
P.O BOX 2488
Mbale- Uganda
Mobile +256 772 609736

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Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters (UMBS) was started as a discussion forum in 2010 by a Ugandan Muslim, Abbey Semuwemba, based in the United Kingdom. The main aim at the time was to encourage all Muslims to come together and discuss anything on their minds. It was started with only about 200 members but gradually, however, membership expanded to more than 6000 people in different countries, and so the need arose for formal operational guidelines. UMBS is building itself to become the national umbrella organisation dedicated to the common good, to the betterment of the Muslim community and country. It was formed after several years of wide-ranging consultation and careful planning by a group of Muslims that discussed Islamic affairs online regularly. It intends to bring together all representatives of different Muslim organisations in Uganda to meet up on annual basis to discuss the affairs of Muslims in Uganda. The need to coordinate efforts on wider issues of common concern became apparent in the course of the feud that developed between Muslim leaders after the sale of Muslim properties in Uganda. This created a climate of distrust and non-cooperation between many diverse groups in the country.

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  1. Ahmed sometimes you suprise me with your posts and any Muslim who will read this mail will be left questioning your Islamic belief if not your mental ability.Now what is your suggestion? That we should legalize Haram in Islam because its the order of the Day in Business?
    Do you know what is meant by Jahiriya period.I do trust your Islam in O’level and i believe in your class you never liked what happened in the Jahiriya to happen today.So if the prophet was i avised to back off their culture and norms and instead follow them b’se it was of his Grands and followed them, would u have this opportunity to be even called you know the meaning of your name?

    Mind you Islam is a system, where you have to understand and either oblige or you go the opposite.If all Big business men are having Haram in their businesses, it does not give Haram a place in Islam nor shall we say that you are Anti-Mutaasa or kakeeto to legalise your biznes.Islam is a system.Its up to them to do bizness that way and they will face their lord.

    Lastly, if Kafeero is going to construct a House of Allah from Ribbah money borrowed from the bank, he should save us from his Haram.Let him do it on his personal business but ………

    Just a piece of mind, lets use maturity when we are posting such unjustfiables cases otherwise people of such thinking have even led to enimies of Islam to bring them close to us.Look all over the world.Such thinking will even lead us to ask non Muslims to build Masjids for us.

    HARAM WILL BE HARAM and never at any one time be polished to look like HALAAL

    . arabic
    “Surely the (true) religion before Allah is Islam,……”(Qur^an 3:19)
    Kalema Shaban Programmes Co-ordinator
    Former Chairman Skylimit I.T Solutions L.T.D
    FCIT Muslims Union Wandegeya
    (+256) 782-584094
    (+256) 702-584094

  2. Kalema, i hard forgotten to tell you the meaning of my name, oh yes, “It means, the praised one” by the way i have leaved to that expectation, lol. But seriously my problem is selective intepretation and application of Islam.

    If Kalema my friend does something that contradicts Islam we turn a blind eye and shut our eyes, if Ahmed my enemy does the samething we shout our heads off, why? why?

    I have learnt a lot of things, strangly in central Uganda about how Islam is manipulated for personal interests. You remember the Kasubi incident, many Muslim leaders rushed to the tombs, others with arm bands made out of bark clothes on their arms.

    But many of us probably including yourself remained silent, where people reminded Muslims that what they were doing was against Islam, they were shut down because we were not indiginious.

    The convoy of supreme Mufti passed me at Namirembe road opposite Nakivubo, and driver who was clad in a Kanzu and nice tunic, had a bark cloths arms band. But all of us, remained silent.

    Only a few sheikhs Including Dr Ismail Kalule, stood up to condemn the practice. Others who were even on radio, when the question was raised navigate safely around it.

    It brings back my querry, why apply Islam selectively???????

  3. Atleast now we can have a common ground asking our leaders why they have brought so many islamically corrupt rich men besides them.Its a question to all of us.Every day, i my self i have always put up questions to our leaders, czo i don follow them but rather they have to guide me islamically and for your information i do not belong to any sect coz i have associated with most of these sheikhs and i know most of them and their deeds.
    Lastly, much as you disagree with me on some cases, i want Mutaasa Kafeero to make it public the source of his funds that are going to “Develop”
    Nakasero.If its a loan from the Ribbah Banks, you know what might happen next and if its that case, we rather pray from it like the way it is now for more years rather than praying in a place nga its construction funds was got from a source that has Allah’s curses.

    Wish you well
    . arabic
    “Surely the (true) religion before Allah is Islam,……”(Qur^an 3:19)
    Kalema Shaban Programmes Co-ordinator
    Former Chairman Skylimit I.T Solutions L.T.D
    FCIT Muslims Union Wandegeya
    (+256) 782-584094
    (+256) 702-584094

  4. Kalema there is no moretime to drag the issue of Nakasero its either we redevelope the land or lose it. You know that mosque seats on four plots, only one belongs to the mosque the others are for KCC and NWSC.

    There is pressure from KCC to redevelop Nakasero because it will soon be condemned. You know one of the plots the Mufti is accused of selling at William was lost under similar circumstances, as we fought each a clever person applied for its lease which had expired just like Nakasero stands today.

    The earlier we got over our differences the better, Allah Knows best.

  5. Brother Ahmed

    I need to be educated on this, leaving out the historical stanic elements associated with bark cloth,assume i have bought it as my garment without any stanic motuve,can i go on with my prayers.
    What i want to know is it haram to use bark cloth as a personal garment,it it prohobited.
    Just educate me please so that i share with the ulams.
    In case am some one is a good muslim in the actual sense and is poor,can we use a bark cloth to burry him/her. is it allowed

    Asalam aleikum


  6. Bark cloth just as a bark cloth i don’t think has any problem. I will need to consult before, i respond to your querry Ali.

    I think it will difficult Ali for you to break off the history of that bark cloth, its a cermonial cloth used for particular, and that wouldn’t augur well in Islam. I will consult, a muslim research on your question.

  7. my dear brother shaban kalema, i would like to remind you that our prophet in one of his honourable words stated that TO ABUSE A MUSLIM IS TRANSGRESSION AND TO FIGHT HIM IS DISBELIEF(bukhari 2 hadith 35), you dont need to abuse your brother Ahmed to the extent of questioning his mental abilty, idont think he was wrong on his concerns why should we apply islam selectively neither was he legalizing haraam.

  8. brothers, redeveloping of nakasero mosque is for islam’s good.
    it is surely in a bad state fit for the past kampala.
    for now the structure is too ugily.
    the proposed structure is realy a good idear lets emblace it with open arms because it is not a sell as in mubajje’s case.

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