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Election OF UMBS Representatives In Different Countries


Dear brothers and Sisters,

Asaalamu Alaikum.

UMBS was formed for the purpose of bringing about a one- Uganda Muslim world. The organization or forum is in a major mode of change and I initially did not see myself having a role in that change till now. We have come to realize that we need to push this organization to a certain level of stability that keeps all Muslims together before we leave it to others.

So it seems necessary for a realistic appraisal of the aims, objectives and the future of UMBS to be sorted out as soon as possible. We need to find long lasting solution to questions about tolerating disagreement within our ranks over one or more issues, such as subgroups that are forming out of UMBS.

As such, we ask members to support the following resolutions that we will address some of these questions or problems at least in the short run:

1. Registration of UMBS:It was registered in 2011;

2. Development of the official UMBS website. This will act as our mouth piece since we have not developed a radio station yet;

3. UMBS representatives in different countries. If you are interested in representing UMBS wherever you live, please send your contacts, photo and some information about you to: abbeysemuwemba@gmail.com. Instead of forming subgroups or several online forums as some people are doing, we should have UMBS representatives in different parts of the world.

These representatives chosen will have a job of: a) registering UMBS in the country they reside in when it is necesary; b) mobilizing Uganda Muslims in their communities; c) looking for funding to support our activities or targets; d) help in organizing the UMBS annual delegates conference, e.t.c

Therefore, I strongly urge members of any sub groups that might have emerged out of UMBS to take advantage of this process for the purposes of strengthening UMBS inishallah. Your group’s ideas and objectives can be accommodated if you accept to work with us. As the Baganda say:’ AGALI AWAMU GEGALUMA ENYAMA’. Let’s work as a united group and it will help us achieve a lot of things inishalla. We should also be patient to allow this process to develop at a pace whereby everybody understands what we are doing. We should not rush things as some of you are doing.

We intend to spread UMBS at every level of society (both in Uganda and abroad) from the national right down to the smallest local “club.” As such we ask all Muslims with personal or company websites to create space for a UMBS link please.

The activities of UMBS will be frequently kept well within the law; membership figures of national and international branches will be published. The activities of the organization on the higher levels will be publicized on our website and in the media (through our media friends).

We want all members of UMBS to help each other place themselves in key positions in the government, armed forces, industry, etc., This will make it easy for the organization to carry out its financial and developmental objectives. So please continue to post here jobs, scholarships or opportunities going in different governmental and nongovernmental departments to fellow Muslims to apply for them.


UMBS is still in its infant stage but we shall get there inishallah. The following are some of the challenges facing UMBS:

(a) Recruitment of new members. It would be good if people those who are already members encourage their friends and families to join UMBS Forums on Google, facebook, Twitter, blog and our soon to be developed website inishallah;

(b) Gaining support from Muslim organizations in and outside Uganda;

(c) Undermining of our aims and objectives by some groups of people who rightly or wrongly think that UMBS is not active enough to accommodate their ideas for Muslims in Uganda. For example, some people arguably believe that a lot of debates are discussed on the forum and in turn burry the old ideas.

(d) Developing an international and national platform for UMBS. For instance, apart from the fact that UK web designing companies don’t usually host websites they have not deigned, we have opted to use a UK based company because it exposes UMBS more in the eyes of the international community. Good things cost money. I know that developing UMBS website from Uganda is cheap but it only fulfills our short term objectives (especially saving money) NOT long term.

(e) Developing support for the UMBS in and outside the country;

(f) Creating internal support for the organizations objectives;

(g) Creating sources of revenues for the organization;

(h) Finally identifying the members UMBS will work with at both national and international level;

i) Construction of UMBS offices on the outskirts of Kampala. It is such a big challenge yet few people are willing to donate money to us. We have got a General Secretary in Kampala in case people need more details about this inishallah. She is called Mrs. Rashida Mutebi Nassali.

It should go without saying that we would love to keep everybody here as a member of UMBS but please we should all learn to respect each other’s views. For instance, forum rules should be respected and our ideas should be supported without a lot of diversions.

In case of misunderstandings, please let’s resolve them amicably without any threats or abuse. We should not give ourselves ulcers or work ourselves into a frenzy. Please, i beg Muslims to work with me on this idea and see if it will benefit Muslims in Uganda inishallah. Please let’s avoid promoting any form of factionalism on the forum, atleast for now.

Thank you, Happy New Year and Wassalam

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba