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Mahir Balunywa is a member of UMBS

Mahir Balunywa is a member of UMBS

Fact Sheet

On the 27th March, 2012 the government of the Republic of Uganda appointed my person together with others to represent it on the I.U.I.U Council. On the same date I signed forms of acceptance in the foreign Affairs Ministry. Since then deliberate falsehood in the Media (Bukedde, Red pepper, Monitor and Observer) have been made. This no doubt has left my image and credibility in balance. I am convinced that who ever has attempted to write about my person, for or against could have done so either out of ignorance or with exaggerated positive impression. The crucial issues against me have been built around: my credibility integrity and morality, personal differences with the IUIU leadership and my religious credentials. On these grounds I wish to state the following.

Credibility and Integrity

First, I hold a Masters Degree in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University and an upper second class Degree from I.U.I.U, not many council members in many Ugandan and East African Universities are Master s’ holders. Impso-factor those I have replaced had Bachelors Degrees, but with a wealth of experience.

Since 2002, I have taught at: Makerere University, Department of Gender Under Dr. Tabitha Mulyampiti, (2004 – 2005), St. Lawrence University (2008 – 2009), Lugazi University (2007 -2008), Muteesa I Royal University (2008 -2012), Islamic University in Uganda (2003 –August 2008) and most importantly taught at the East African Leadership summer school (University of Dar es Salaam) as an associate instructor in 2003. While at the Leadership summer school I taught and supervised community based internship reports to students of Makerere University, University of Nairobi and University of Dar-es-Salaam.

As a full time Lecturer at the I.U.I.U. (2003 -2008) I was a Lecturer of Public Administration, Management and Political Science. I was appointed as a Coordinator for Post Graduate studies in the faculty of Management studies, (2003 -2005), Acting Director, Center for Post graduate studies (July- September 2006) and in 2007 I was nominated to represent I.U.I.U. on a Global Professional body of the International Association of schools and institutions of Public Administration, on the same body I was appointed the chair of Marketing and Publicity. I did a commendable job and the Director General Dr. Kiyaga expressed his gratitude to the Vice Rector for nominating me on the global forum.

While at I.U.I.U I single handedly revised the Curricular of Public Administration and came up   with a Public Administration Almanac. Currently I am a board member of Progressive Institute of Business Studies , Director General of Career Skills Governance and Management Consults, current Head of Department, Distance learning at Kampala international university ,now with an assignment of coming up with a detailed curricular of Masters of Local Government Administration of Busitema University (2011 – 2012)

If my credibility and professional integrity was found wanting then definitely I wouldn’t have served and worked in the mentioned Universities, how would then I.U.I.U assign me such administrative and academic responsibilities? I.U.I.U has a Disciplinary Committee for both students and lecturers. I challenge the slanderers to come up with a disciplinary record where I was accused of any wrong doing.


The allegations over my morality have not been substantiated and therefore the word “morality as a concept has been abused. For sure, it is not convincing enough to accuse another as lacking morality when the accused has never been subjected to any disciplinary action. Indisciplinadors are known by their vivid actions, he who alleges must prove with evidence; sort of that then legal redress could be sought.

On the same premise of morality, it has been alleged that I was dismissed, this is not true, my contract expired in August 2008 and I never renewed it. This cannot be interpreted as dismissal, perhaps it can be interpreted as resignation. The standing staff recruitment policy of IUIUas laid down in my appointment letter and its attachment spells out that an employee who wishes to continue working for IUIU should renew his/her contract three months before it expires, in the same spirit, if an employer (IUIU) does not wish to continue with a particular employee then the employer should notify the employee 3 months before his/her contract expires. The fact that I never renewed my contract and IUIU did not show intention of not renewing the same contract then it is common sense or knowledge that I opted out. It is therefore a falsified allegation that I was dismissed.

Personal Differences

As far as I am concerned I have not had personal differences with the IUIU administration. I am not in conflict with any of them, I simply have an alternative approach to managerial and administrative issues, and I have expressed my views in my serialized occasional papers, which details the challenges and the way a university should be managed and how management should deal with issues. In academics we don’t have conflicts but various ideological opinions. However, I have no powers to stop people from expressing their variant views about my academic occasional papers. People are at liberty to express their perceptions about what I wrote, but they are not at liberty to force me to believe in what they think about my write- ups. At University the only free product we must limitlessly consume is “free intellectual expression”, as we fulfill the sayings of the prophet of “when you see something bad remove it, if you can’t talk about it and if you can’t hate it.” Institutions are built on pointing out wrongs not hiding them.

My religious credentials

I may not have a long beard, short trouser,  but I will remain a Muslim by birth and origin, Islam is a deeply rooted virtue in our family and all those who have interacted with our family (Kinyiri Family) will rightly tell you so that all  Balunywa’s are Muslims. Although I am a Muslim, I am appointed as a government representative, the government is my constituency, but since I am a Muslim representing government, I am bound to serve the two. (Muslims and government).

My dreams about I.U.I.U.

Structural functionalism and system’s analysis will be my major pre-occupation. Departments should be given the autonomy they deserve to operate without undue influence. Government interests should be protected. I look forward to seeing the I.U.I.U Alumna take over the responsibilities of their Almarmata. The world over, institutions are preserved by their products, Now that the hard ware (buildings) is in place, soft ware (man power) should be nourished and motivated to meet the demands of the 21st Century. Professors should be attracted back to act is Philosophers to knowledge, Dr’s (PhDs) should be developed to act as Custodians to knowledge, Masters holders should be developed to act as Generators to Knowledge, Bachelors holders as liabilities to knowledge should be developed further and those with certificates should be developed into meaningful raw materials to knowledge.

For God and my country