IUIU problems:Minister Kiyingi(Ahmadiya) is not a Muslim-says Imam Kasozi


Imam kasozi while distributing Qurans and Islamic books to Northn Uganda.

Imam kasozi while distributing Qurans and Islamic books to Northn Uganda.

Dear brothers and sisters,
Let us not stop at lamenting. Let us dig deep and find out who is fighting the IUIU and the Rector. Emerging issues seem to suggest that saboteurs wanted to cut a deal so they fabricated stories many of which are unbelievable.

The onus is on us to exactly discover who is behind this, Isolate them and treat them with the contempt they deserve. The state which has a bigger hand in investigations should try to find out who is doing this malice to the Muslim community.

There are attempts in some section of the community to take this as a Dr. Sengendo affair. Many responsible Muslims have been heard to suggested quick alternative without ever looking at the bigger picture. Let nobody convince you that with their simplistic solutions. Think critically if you belong to this Ummah.

It seems someone is just afraid of the success and he is working with forces of darkness in the community to disorganise the institution. We shall not just look on, we must be part of the solution. I know amongst us there are those with their small problems/issues with Dr. Sengendo as their current or former boss but this should not blind us and we suffered the Greenland experience.

We know for sure that there are many capable Ugandan Muslims to run this institution but Dr. Sengendo has distinguished himself and he is about to retire.

For Minister Kiyingi he needs our prayers to become Muslim again as he disgraced into the Ahmadia version which to the opinion of many Muslims ulamas who sit on the Figh academy, they have been declared non Muslim, so not a sect of Islam as some would like us to believe. Figh academy is the highest intellectual body as well as spiritual institution that handle Islamic Religious matters. Uganda is lucky to be one of those countries represented on this board and our representative is Dr. Anasi Abdunoor Kaliisa.

We appreciate that he is the minister but he must know that the ideals of IUIU are purely Islamic and the core values of this institution attest to that. So in choosing who to sit on this council the core values must be respected.

For mangers of IUIU please highlight this on the admission forms the way Kings College Buddo has done. We all go there know what code of conduct we are expected to adhere to.

Brothers let us concentrate on development and empowering our community UMSC we shall find on the way or it will meet us along the development line.

I travelled to Dokolo on 16th to distribute over 2400 Mosquito Nets to the community there. I would like to thank one brother on this forum who promised to support UMYA projects this year and he has so far deposited over 3,900,000 Uganda shilling. Then I would also applaud the MIA MIA subscribers who have also deposited over 7 millions on the account. We have been able to support Kyaggwe Road Primary school Mosque project, Sekamuli Masjid Water harvesting project, Namawojjolo Islamic Primary school Toilet Project, plus the previous work Houses for Window and Blind Nakayiza in Kazo and Mzee Kigozi inKasambira Mityana North after Busunju.

Immam Kasozi
Mawanga Masjid Muslim Community
Box 3999 Kampala.

About Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters (UMBS) was started as a discussion forum in 2010 by a Ugandan Muslim, Abbey Semuwemba, based in the United Kingdom. The main aim at the time was to encourage all Muslims to come together and discuss anything on their minds. It was started with only about 200 members but gradually, however, membership expanded to more than 6000 people in different countries, and so the need arose for formal operational guidelines. UMBS is building itself to become the national umbrella organisation dedicated to the common good, to the betterment of the Muslim community and country. It was formed after several years of wide-ranging consultation and careful planning by a group of Muslims that discussed Islamic affairs online regularly. It intends to bring together all representatives of different Muslim organisations in Uganda to meet up on annual basis to discuss the affairs of Muslims in Uganda. The need to coordinate efforts on wider issues of common concern became apparent in the course of the feud that developed between Muslim leaders after the sale of Muslim properties in Uganda. This created a climate of distrust and non-cooperation between many diverse groups in the country.

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