This year on 20th January, 2012, a new university called Islamic Call University (ICU)/ College was opened up. It is provisionally located at Old Kampala Hill where Gadafi National Mosque is. The chairman of the Electoral Commission, Engineer Badru Kiggundu, is the first Chairman of the university Council while Dr. Moses Mukiibi Katende is the first Principal.

The central purposes of any University are the pursuit of truth, the discovery of new knowledge through scholarship and research, the study and reasoned criticism of intellectual and cultural traditions, the teaching and general development of students to help them become creative individuals and productive citizens of a pluralistic environment, and the transmission of knowledge and learning to a society at large.

However, ICU cannot achieve this without the help of those who value education. Like everything new, money is the problem. The university needs money, books, computers, donations,………… to put in place a permanent mechanism where students can be effectively taught. If you are abroad and have got a load of books, computers or any of reading materials you wish to ship to Uganda for the benefit of this institution, please get in touch with them as soon as possible.

Yes, many of these students would no doubt do well at other already established elite universities in Uganda, but let’s us look at this as another adventure that may be beneficial to the education of our kids in future.

For those already desperately seeking a way to financially contribute to this project, please the following are the bank details:

Account number: 00052108108

Names: Islamic Call University College,

Bank: Diamond Trust Bank

Please send a message to when you make a deposit to this account, alternatively write to them on PO Box 72568, Kampala, Uganda. There is an agreement in place that names of all the donors or contributors will be written on the walls of university history when ICU gets a permanent home inishallah.

So, we invite you, or anyone for that matter, to come forward with something for the sake of improving education in Uganda.

Thank you

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

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About Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters (UMBS) was started as a discussion forum in 2010 by a Ugandan Muslim, Abbey Semuwemba, based in the United Kingdom. The main aim at the time was to encourage all Muslims to come together and discuss anything on their minds. It was started with only about 200 members but gradually, however, membership expanded to more than 6000 people in different countries, and so the need arose for formal operational guidelines. UMBS is building itself to become the national umbrella organisation dedicated to the common good, to the betterment of the Muslim community and country. It was formed after several years of wide-ranging consultation and careful planning by a group of Muslims that discussed Islamic affairs online regularly. It intends to bring together all representatives of different Muslim organisations in Uganda to meet up on annual basis to discuss the affairs of Muslims in Uganda. The need to coordinate efforts on wider issues of common concern became apparent in the course of the feud that developed between Muslim leaders after the sale of Muslim properties in Uganda. This created a climate of distrust and non-cooperation between many diverse groups in the country.

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