If anyone on this page knows Andrew Mwenda on a personal level, tell him that there is a way he can redeem himself for all the defamation, hate speech and any other wrong he’s ever done to people. That his slate can be wiped clean and that there is much hope for forgiveness. There’s no reason why he keeps accusing our moderator, Abbey Semuwemba, of being Tom Okwalinga, for reasons best known to himself.

Tell him to accept Islam as his belief and salvation.
That Islam will bring him a peace that no human can ever take away should he stick with it.

That if he does it , he benefits his soul and his reward and recompense is with God alone. Islam will make him feel like this eartly life as nothing, and that whatever he is looking for could only be granted by God. He should not spend days and nights thinking of what to write about Besigye and his supporters, as obscession could easily lead to mental illness.

Tell him it’s the best choice he could ever make for himself and could be the motivator needed to go against policies that slaughter innocent Ugandans despite pressure from other human beings who may have power. Or help him open eyes to a poverty and incarceration issue that can’t be seen through elitist lenses.
If he doesn’t accept, that’s between him and God, then next invite him to be shown how to help the less fortunate and show by an example that you’ve been setting to do the same in your own spaces.

If we haven’t even TRIED to invite Mwenda and Museveni to islam before deciding there is no hope then I’m afraid we’ve given more power to both of them than they actually have. Neither Mwenda nor Museveni is above the unseen or qadr.

May Allah grant the sincere an ability if we ever meet him to invite him in the spirit of Noah, of Moses, of Muhammad (pbuh). I just have that kind of belief in the power of Allah. I don’t know how to live allowing a man, any man, to have others in perpetual despair. May Allah not test the rest of us with that.



About Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters (UMBS) was started as a discussion forum in 2010 by a Ugandan Muslim, Abbey Semuwemba, based in the United Kingdom. The main aim at the time was to encourage all Muslims to come together and discuss anything on their minds. It was started with only about 200 members but gradually, however, membership expanded to more than 6000 people in different countries, and so the need arose for formal operational guidelines. It now has over 50,000 members globally! UMBS is building itself to become the national umbrella organisation dedicated to the common good, to the betterment of the Muslim community and country. It was formed after several years of wide-ranging consultation and careful planning by a group of Muslims that discussed Islamic affairs online regularly. It intends to bring together all representatives of different Muslim organisations in Uganda to meet up on annual basis to discuss the affairs of Muslims in Uganda. The need to coordinate efforts on wider issues of common concern became apparent in the course of the feud that developed between Muslim leaders after the sale of Muslim properties in Uganda. This created a climate of distrust and non-cooperation between many diverse groups in the country.

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