The Muslim Onion farmer who built a school at Kabiji


Musa Mukasa Katungulu was born in 1881 in Birongo – Singo

By Haji Nsereko Mutumba

Musa Mukasa Katungulu was born in 1881 in Birongo – Singo

His father was Badiru Muganga of Njonge clan. His mother was Mwajibu from Masaka. She was a sister to Abdallah Jawaali the father of Hajji Muhammad Kitatta of Kyanjo and Idi Basajjabalaba of Mbarara.

The day Musa Mukasa was born was the day on which his father Muganga died after being attacked by a wild animal while hunting. He was thus named Musa Mukasa ‘Kitezi’ in respect of his father’s passion for hunting.


Following the death of his father, Musa Mukasa was taken by Muwalimu Musa Nkatusi to Kanywa from where he learnt Islam and became a very good Muadhin.

When Musa became a youth, his elder brother Laaliyo who was living in Luwawulo – Kalisizo wanted to take him away from Muwalimu Musa Nkatusi. However, Muwalimu Nkatusi refused to let go of Musa Mukasa fearing that if he stayed with Laaliyo who was a none Muslim, he would abandon Islam.

Laaliyo took the matter to Buwunga Sub-County Chief who ruled that Musa Mukasa should go with his brother.

Laaliyo took Musa to Serinya in Kibinge where he introduced him to more three brothers of him. These were; Amuli, Kasibaganye and Eleneewo.

Laaliyo convened a meeting of all the brothers and resolved that they would not make him leave Islam. This was in respect of his father who was a Muslim. He took him to Prince Nuhu Mbogo and briefed him about Musa Mukasa’s situation. Prince Mbogo put Musa Mukasa under his care. While under the Prince, Musa had the opportunity to study Islam. This is where he met Muwalimu Abdallah Zaake Jamba who taught him the Quran in 1907.

When Zayidi Kamulali the Muwalimu to the Kabaka’s Chief Amuli Kakembo of Mbuliire started his own family, the chief needed another Muwalimu/Imam.

He went back to Prince Mbogo and requested him for a new personal Imam/Muwalimu.

The Prince gave him Musa Mukasa, who went to Mbuliire to serve Chief Amuli Kakembo as a family Imam.

While in Mbuliire, Musa met Muwalimu Saadi Musoke of Kawoko and Muwalimu Asumani Byayi of Kibengo.

Amuli Kakembo gave Musa a large piece of land on which he grew onions (obutungulu), which he used to sell to Indians. This earned him the name ‘Katungulu’.

In Mbuliire, Musa together with Nyamayaalwo established a big Madarasa where he taught; Asumani Kasujja (the father of Haji Mahabuuba Ssemakalu, Aziz Kasuja, Faazili Kasuja etc) and Twayibu Ssemwanga among others.

Musa became very rich from onion farming and migrated to Kabigi where he had bought a piece of land.

He built a school in Kabigi in 1935. Many prominent Sheikhs, Mullahs (bawalimu) and many Muslims went through this school. It did a lot in propagating Islam and empowering Muslims.

Among those who went through Muwalimu Musa Mukasa’s school are;

· Sheikh Muhammad Ssemakula – former acting Mufti of Uganda

· Sheikh Twaibu Mukuye – Former Deputy Mufti of Uganda

· Sheikh Ali Kivumbi – Former Deputy Mufti of Uganda

· Sheikh Musa Abdul Hamiid Mukasa

· Sheikh Habiibu Kagimu – prominent business personality

· SheikhTwaha Luyimbaazi Katungulu

· Sheikh Hamiidu Kawooya

· Sheikh Abdunoor Ddamulira

· Shiekh Hamiidu Sserwadda

· Sheikh Muhammad Ndugga

· Sheikh Abdul Wahiidi Musisi

· Sheikh Haamidu Zaamunyu

· Sheikh Muhamuudu Kigozi

· Sheikh Nasser Naserenga

· Sheikh Ibrahim Ssebbaga

· Haji Asumani Jjunju etc

Musa Mukasa also bought land in different places and donated it to needy Muslims and non Muslims. For example he bought a mile of land in Kyangabatanyi which he used to give to Muslim converts. Each person used to get between 5 to 10 acres.

He educated his children and grand children who have also contributed a lot to Islam in Uganda.

His grand children include Shk. Ali Kivumbi, Shk. Yusuf Ssonko Katungulu, Abdu Swamadu Kaboggoza and Shk. Musa Abdul Hamiid Katungulu among others.

Musa Mukasa died on October 13th 1971 at the age of 90. He fathered 60 children, and at the time of his death, 32 were still alive.

Muwalimu Musa Mukasa Katungulu did not only convert many into Islam; he donated free land to the converts and taught them Islam, thereby fulfilling Surat Bakara 2:3 of the Holy Quran in which Allah praises those who give to charity.

In Islam, education or seeking knowledge is paramount. By learning Islam himself and teaching it to many people including his own children and grand children who eventually became very prominent personalities in Islam and the entire nation, Muwalimu Musa Mukasa fulfilled Surat Al Alaq 96:1 of the Holy Quran in which Allah commanded Prophet Muhammad PBUH to read.

This makes him a Muslim hero though unsung.


Pope admits Dec. 25 was not Christ’s birthday


A brother posted a photo of a newspaper saying “Pope Benedict: Jesus wasnt born of Dec. 25” it surprised me so i search it in the internet and then i found out that it is true.

The present Pope released his newest book that also debunks Christmas myths.

FINALLY, after hundred of years on deceiving its members by following a false tradition, the Pope admits DEC. 25 was not the birth date of Christ, he also said that Christ born several years before 1 A.D, meaning to say, the creator of the Christian calendar that we use today committed a big mistake, as he claim.
Here are some news articles about it (for more, you can search it in your favorite search engine):

Pope Benedict XVI has a new book coming out this week in which he offers a closer look at the early life of Jesus, including his birth. The book shines a light on many Christmas myths Christians believe to be true, but in fact are not historically accurate.

Biblical fact vs. tradition
While some people may consider the Pope’s book controversial as it steps on traditional Christmas toes, most of the information he shares is not new. In fact, if you take the time to do a Bible study on the birth of Jesus, the answers are there.

For instance, the Pope points out that evidence in the Gospels does not support the picture of animals and cattle around the baby Jesus in his manger; nor does it support angels singing about the birth of Christ. Luke 2:7 confirms Jesus was placed in a manger or feeding trough when he was born. Because it was a feeding trough people have assumed animals were there. And in verse 8 we are told that the shepherds in that region saw an angel, who announced to them not to be afraid and offers directions as to where to find the baby. The announcement was not sung.

“But the angel said to them, “Don’t be afraid, for look, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people: Today a Savior, who is Messiah the Lord, was born for you in the city of David. This will be the sign for you: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in cloth and lying in a feeding trough.

Suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly host with the angel, praising God and saying: ‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors!'” (Luke 2:8-14 HCSB).

Is the Pope the next Grinch?
The Pope’s purpose in writing this book is not so much to debunk Christmas, but:
“The pope was not so much aiming to debunk myths as trying to show that the Jesus depicted in the Gospels is a real historical figure, who walked on earth and talked to people like anyone else.” — Alessandro Speciale: Vatican correspondent for Religion News

December 25
A Bible study on the early church does not mention celebration of the birth of Christ. The date December 25 stirs up a bit of controversy as well as it is tied to a pagan Roman holiday that honored their god Saturn. No one knows what day Jesus was born, but the Western Church in Rome decided on December 25, while the Eastern Church picked January 6. Eventually the time frame between the two dates became known as the “12 Days of Christmas.”

Back to the Bible
To know whether or not your Christmas traditions are biblical, go back to the Bible. You may be surprised by what you learn if you take time to study Christ’s birth. Just take a look at the visit from the wise men. They found Mary and the child in a house…not a stable.



The ‘mistake’ was made by a sixth century monk known as Dionysius Exiguus or in English Dennis the Small, the 85-year-old pontiff claims in the book ‘Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives’, published on Wednesday.

“The calculation of the beginning of our calendar – based on the birth of Jesus – was made by Dionysius Exiguus, who made a mistake in his calculations by several years,” the Pope writes in the book, which went on sale around the world with an initial print run of a million copies.

“The actual date of Jesus’s birth was several years before.”

The assertion that the Christian calendar is based on a false premise is not new – many historians believe that Christ was born sometime between 7BC and 2BC.

But the fact that doubts over one of the keystones of Christian tradition have been raised by the leader of the world’s one billion Catholics is striking.

Dennis the Small, who was born in Eastern Europe, is credited with being the “inventor” of the modern calendar and the concept of the Anno Domini era.

He drew up the new system in part to distance it from the calendar in use at the time, which was based on the years since the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian.

The emperor had persecuted Christians, so there was good reason to expunge him from the new dating system in favour of one inspired by the birth of Christ.

The monk’s calendar became widely accepted in Europe after it was adopted by the Venerable Bede, the historian-monk, to date the events that he recounted in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, which he completed in AD 731.

But exactly how Dennis calculated the year of Christ’s birth is not clear and the Pope’s claim that he made a mistake is a view shared by many scholars.

The Bible does not specify a date for the birth of Christ. The monk instead appears to have based his calculations on vague references to Jesus’s age at the start of his ministry and the fact that he was baptised in the reign of the emperor Tiberius.
Christ’s birth date is not the only controversy raised by the Pope in his new book – he also said that contrary to the traditional Nativity scene, there were no oxen, donkeys or other animals at Jesus’s birth.

He also weighs in on the debate over Christ’s birthplace, rejecting arguments by some scholars that he was born in Nazareth rather than Bethlehem.

John Barton, Professor of the Interpretation of the Holy Scripture at Oriel College, Oxford University, said most academics agreed with the Pope that the Christian calendar was wrong and that Jesus was born several years earlier than commonly thought, probably between 6BC and 4BC.

“There is no reference to when he was born in the Bible – all we know is that he was born in the reign of Herod the Great, who died before 1AD,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “It’s been surmised for a very long time that Jesus was born before 1AD – no one knows for sure.”

The idea that Christ was born on Dec 25 also has no basis in historical fact. “We don’t even know which season he was born in. The whole idea of celebrating his birth during the darkest part of the year is probably linked to pagan traditions and the winter solstice.”



Pope Benedict XVI has opened the way to an historic opportunity that might benefit much of humankind and save the rest of us from enduring another eight weeks of seasonal disorder syndrome, an affliction that starts with the first October Christmas carol and which I believe is more widespread than people want to admit.

The Pope has published the third in a trilogy of works dealing with the life of Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives completes a project the 85-year-old Pope took up after being elected pontiff in 2005. The first two books were big sellers in Italy (and presumably among Catholics elsewhere as well). The latest volume reportedly has an initial printing of one milllion, and hit bookshelves around the world on Wednesday.

The headline issue is the Pope’s acknowledgement that Jesus wasn’t born in the year everyone thinks he was. I’m not sure this is really news; as a certified non-pious Canadian who gets sleepy just thinking about entering a church, I thought it was generally known that historians had long ago sorted out that the dates were off by a few years. Nonetheless, it’s viewed as significant that the Pope would actually say so in print. According to the book, a monk known as Dionysius Exiguus (which translates as Dennis the Small) got the dates wrong when he set out to invent a new calendar about 1500 years ago.

“The calculation of the beginning of our calendar – based on the birth of Jesus – was made by Dionysius Exiguus, who made a mistake in his calculations by several years,” the Pope says. “The actual date of Jesus’s birth was several years before.”

The Pope maintains Jesus was born in a stable, as commonly assumed, though there might not have been donkeys, camels, oxen or other critters present. “There is no mention of animals in the Gospels,” he writes. And he insists Mary was a virgin. But it wasn’t on Dec. 25, a date that was adopted later, perhaps linked to some rituals related to the winter solstice.

Apart from whatever religious significance this may involve, it offers the Church an opportunity to isolate its annual celebration of Jesus’ birth from the overdone commercial orgy that’s known as Christmas. Pick another date — one the Vatican thinks might be more historically accurate, or at least no less inaccurate — and move the religious celebration accordingly, while leaving Dec. 25 to the crass materialists.

Not that the orgy would stop, but it would no longer inspire the tedious annual eruptions of complaint from underoccupied cranks, atheists and misguided zealots upset that trees should appear in schools, mangers should turn up on lawns and other insults to strict secularism should be induced on the unwilling. People could give one another gifts without someone complaining about it.

The prayers that are an offence to the ears of determined non-prayers could be moved to another day of the year, when they could be delivered by consenting adults outside the hearing of the temporally fixated. Dec. 25 would be just another holiday that no one could beef about (unless they just don’t like holidays), while Christmas in March (or whenever) would simply be a religious symbol marked by those who choose to, without bothering those who don’t, and free of the annoyance and excess of the annual two-month build-up.

And who knows, once it was just another long weekend, maybe some of the excess would diminish. Which I suspect would be a welcome change to a lot of people.


NOTE: This post does not made to hurt the feelings of our Catholic friends and to other Christmas celebrators, this is made as an EYE OPENER to those people who really wanted the TRUTH.

Be fair to Muslims – UMSC tells government


The Spokesperson of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Haji Nsereko Mutumba has accused the NRM government of being unfair to Muslims when it comes to public service appointments.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba was speaking today during a press briefing held at the UMSC headquarters Old Kampala.

Haji Mutumba singled out the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity, the Judiciary, Ambassadors, CAOs, KCCA, Municipal Town Clerks, Operation Wealth Creation, Public Corporations and States Enterprises and Accounting Officers for central government votes as the leading institutions in discrimination against Muslims.

He wondered how the ministry of ethics and integrity serves Muslim interests when the Minister, Permanent Secretary, legal Officers, the Director and the Senior Presidential adviser on Religious Affairs are non Muslims.

Out of 177 judges, magistrates, registrars etc, there are only five Muslims, Haji Mutumba displayed evidence showing that there are only 5 Muslims.

When it comes to the 141 accounting officers for central government votes, there is only one Muslim; Asuman Lukwago.

He noted that according to media reports, the would be second Muslim, Haji Yunus Kakande who was appointed on the directive of the President is being fought.

“How can you refuse to abide by a presidential directive? Who are you? Is it because the appointee is a Muslim?” Haji Mutumba wondered.

Regarding the Presidential pledges, Haji Nsereko Mutumba urged President Museveni to fulfil the pledges he made to Muslims, like he has done for other religions.

He mentioned the President’s pledge to renovate the national Mosque and the shs 50 million pledge to the UMSC secretariat for youth and Women.

“Like Namugongo, the National Mosque is also a gazetted tourist attraction cite which receives over 50 tourists per day” Haji Mutumba said.

The other areas cited by Haji Nsereko Mutumba as muslim unfriendly are as follows:

· Out of the 65 heads of Public Corporations and States Enterprises, only two are Muslims

· Out of the 128 CAOs, there are only 6 Muslims

· Out of the 35 Ugandan Ambassadors, only 2 are Muslims.

· None of the KCCA Directors and Deputy Directors is a Muslim.

Haji Mutumba said that this state of affairs has given some Muslims an impression that the NRM government does not care about them, yet they have always voted it into power.

“Besides, like other Ugandans, Ugandan Muslims deserve to be treated fairly when it comes to sharing the national cake and access to justice” Haji Nsereko Mutumba noted.

He said that Muslims feel let down by the government that they have supported since the 1980s.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba however gave thumbs up to President Museveni for increasing the number of Muslim RDCs and Deputy RDCs to 24.

“This is a sign that he had our cry” Haji Mutumba said.

He also lauded President Museveni for appointing Haji Yunus Kakande as Secretary, Office of the President, noting that Haji Kakande is a dedicated civil servant.

Office of Public Relations

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

Tel: 0701409504 or 0772409504


How to win your wife’s Love…?


How you can keep up your wife’s Love:

01. Make her feel secure, don’t threaten her with divorce.

02. Give sincere Salaams.

03. Treat her gently, like a fragile vessel.

04. Advise in private, at the best time, in the best way and atmosphere.

05. Be generous with her.

06. Warm the seat for her, you will warm her heart.

07. Avoid anger, be in Wudhu at all times.

08. Look good and smell great for your wife.

09. Don’t be rigid or harsh-hearted or you will be broken.
10. Be a good listener.

11. Yes for flattery. No for arguing.

12. Call your wife with the best names, cute nicknames, and names she loves to hear.

13. A pleasant surprise.

14. Preserve and guard the tongue.

15. Expect, accept, and overlook her shortcomings.

16. Give sincere compliments.

17. Encourage her to keep good relations with her family.

18. Speak of the topic of her interest.

19. Express to her relatives, how wonderful she is.

20. Give each other gifts.

21. Get rid of routine, surprise her.

22. Have a good opinion of each other.

23. Have good manners, overlook small things, don’t nitpick.

24. Add a drop of patience, increase during pregnancy, menses.

25. Expect and respect her jealously.

26. Be humble.

27. Sacrifice your happiness for hers.

28. Help at home, with housework.

29. Help her love your relatives, but do not try to force her.

30. Let her know that she is the ideal wife for you.

31. Remember your wife in Duaa.

32. Leave the past for Allah, do not dwell on, dig into, or bring it up.

33. Do not act as if you are doing her a favor by working or providing, Allah is the Provider, the husband is the carrier of the sustenance to the family.

34. Take Shaitan as your enemy, not your wife.
35. Put food in your wife’s mouth.

36. Treat your wife like she is the most precious pearl that you want to protect.

37. Show her your smile.

38. Do not ignore the small things, deal with them before they be come big.

39. Avoid being harsh-hearted.

40. Respect and show that you appreciate her thinking.

41. Help her to find and build her inner strengths and skills.

42. Respect that she might not be in mood for intimacy, stay within Halaal boundaries.

43. Help her take care of the children.

44. Give her gifts with your tongue, be an artist with your compliments.

45. Sit down and eat meals together.

46. Let her know that you will be traveling or returning from travel, give her sufficient notice.

47. Don’t leave home in anger.

48. Maintain the secrecy and privacy of the home.

49. Encourage each other in worship.

50. Respect and fulfill her rights upon you.

51. Live with her in kindness, goodness, fairness in good and bad times.

52. Kiss your wife, foreplay, don’t jump on her like a bull.

53. Keep disputes between the two of you, don’t take it outside.

54. Show care for her health and well-being.

55. Remember you are not always right or perfect yourself.

56. Share your happiness and sadness with her.

57. Have mercy for her weaknesses.

58. Be a firm support for her to lean on.

59. Accept her as is, she is a package deal.

60. Have a good intention for her.

61. Cook a dish for her.

62. Designate a nice, clean, spacious area in your home for the two of you to pray at night whenever you can.

63. Women love flowers. Make a trail of them on the floor leading to the gift you made for her.

64. Give her a nice massage when she least expects it.

65. Send your wife a text message out of the blue with a message of love.

66. Send your wife an email without a reason.

67. Go out on a date or a get-away for the weekend in a nice location, preferably without kids.

68. Do something for your wife’s family, whether it is a gift, or a chat with her teen brother who needs mentoring, or whatever. It will get you lots of brownie points.

69. Do not keep reminding and demanding your rights all the time.

70. Shop groceries for her and call her from the store and ask her what she needs for the home, for herself or for her to give to people as gifts.

71. Ask her if she would like to invite her female friends over for ladies only get together and arrange for the dinner.

72. Ask her to send gifts to her parents and siblings.

73. Help her parents pay off debt. Send her poor relatives some money.

74. Write love notes or poems and place them in the book she’s been reading.

75. If she tells you something she had just learned from the Qur’an or Hadith, do not dismiss her or ridicule her effort, instead listen to her and take her word.

76. Plant her a kitchen garden with all kind of herbs she needs for cooking.

77. Update her PC or laptop with a new one or get her a new mobile phone.

78. Learn to do a special massage technique and surprise her with your new expertise.

79. Teach your children to respect and honor their mother.

80. Be humorous with her when she makes a mistake in the kitchen (like when she put too much salt or burnt her baking).

Muslims shouldnt blindly defend Saudi over Khashoggi’s murder!



We should appreciate that gruesome murder of one soul can not be set aside and forgotten in the name of political convenience or balancing scores.Fifteen assassins sent on private jets to kill a helpless Khashoggi who had entered the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Instabul, Turkey. It is like dream. It sounds like a Chuck Norris or James Bond film. The only difference is that in the film they would not behead an unarmed victim. If this Khasshogi murder was executed in a foreign country, then one con not help but wonder how many more “Khashoggis” have been killed on home soil, Saudi Arabia.

Jamal Khashoggi

By the way we are talking of Muslim leaders here not Christians or Jews. We should not be debating on who has the higher moral ground. We are discussing a cold blood murder of a Muslim sanctioned at the highest level by a fellow Muslim. The bar must be lifted higher for Muslims than for non-Muslims. And not mere Muslims like myself, we are talking of Muslims who are the custodians of the two holy Mosques. I think this fact must sink in our minds. The cistodians of the two holy mosques should not have even the slightest connection to a gruesome murder. Even in the wildest of dreams one would not have expected that those leaders could send a team of assassins, who tortured a man, cut off his fingers, beheaded him, dismembered his body and then put it in diplomatic bags and flew it out of Turkey. What kind of terrorism can this one be? It actually reduces other terrorist atrocities to almost a joke. These kind of things are done by drug barons somewhere in Colombia or Mexico but not in Turkey or Saudi Arabia. They even sent a body double to confuse those who would follow in their tracks. They switched of the cameras at the consulate so that they accomplish their heinous crime with no trace but the ALMIGHTY ALLAH was above their plans. ALLAH’s plan was better than their wicked plans. There is a voice recording in the hands of the Turkish investigators. There are also visual recordings of the 15 hit-men at least outside the Saudi Consulate. It is already known how they came in to Turkey and how they exited Turkey. Notable among the assassin was the close aide to MBS. praise be to ALLAH that all this has been uncovered in a short time given the fact that these assassins and their associates have immunity cover.

Why defend murderers in the name of balancing scores? Khashoggi’s murder was just the tipping point of the mountain of criminal activities sanctioned by the “guided” leaders of this holy land. We need no reminders of some of the following atrocities that stare us in the face:

1. The violent murders of some members of the royal family in order to grab their wealth and increase the influence and power of just one man MBS.

2. The seizure of some of the riches of the members of the royal family in exchange for their freedom. The pretext was to fight corruption. But we all know this is not true. Fighting corruption could have been done in a more transparent way using established institutions, not thru kidnapping and closing off kins/royals in a hotel and forcing/torturing them in to signing off their wealth in order to buy their freedom.

3. The starving of Muslims in Yemen, or rather a country called Yemen in the name of pleasing the crusaders that one is fighting terrorism. How then should one blame non-Muslim leaders for torturing Muslims in the name fighting terrorism?

4. The indiscriminate bombing of Yemeni on the pretext of keeping out Houthi rebels and Shia Iran is inexcusable. This also is against the background that several Muslim nations refused to support Saudi Arabia in their endeavor of showing military might in the middle East. But no body needs this show of might. If anything Israel and Iran knows the strength of Saudi Arabia. When the Saudi’s military Arsenal runs dry then the real political actors will come on the scene to vanquish these masqueraders with their political gimmicks.

5. The land, air and sea blockade imposed on brotherly Qatar for refusing to join a senseless and needless war is another pathetic strategy employed by the war mongers, MBS and his crownies. If you weaken one of your own, who will come to your rescue when you need help?

8. The murder of Muslim Pilgrims in Minna which mainly targeted pilgrims from Iran. This can and will never be forgotten by those who truelly understand Islam. ALLAH’s visitors are on duty performing the 5th pillar of Islam, and then one King decides to receive visitors at his Mina palace which caused a stampede resulting in the deaths of hundreds of pilgrims. ALLAH receives visitors and the king also receives visitors??? Where have we put our faith? Does the king want to equate himself to ALLAH, the most high?? There are eleven other months in which the king and royals can hold their functions. But their impunity and disregard to Islamic practices and rituals can only be paid well by ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY! And I think many can agree with me that the ALMIGHTY has started paying back these arrogant leaders of Saudi Arabia.

The way they tried to cover up the gruesome murder of Jamal Khasshogi only exposed them as rogue murderers. And each day that passes portrays them as more and more of a wicked lot. They can never come out of this mess except by ALLAH’s will. Saudi Arabia would be better served and her image protected if the current King and Crown Prince would abdicate throne or be forced out of leadership by the people of Saudi Arabia.

May the soul of Jamal Khasshoggi rest in eternal peace. AMEEN!!! And may the ALMIGHTY ALLAH lower the status of his murderers and those who sanctioned the murder! AMEEN!!!

The Aftermath of the ’Khashoggian’ Crisis


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Jamal Khashoggi

Oh World! Don’t I know you ? I have not lived all these years of my life in blindness !!!

The American Press cries, ‘Khashoggi‘! Has the world forgotten the prisons of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam where more than four million ‘Khashoggis’ have been tortured and killed?

The British Press cries, ‘Khashoggi’ ! Has it forgotten the more than 10 ‘Khashoggies’ assassinated on their land? And that it backed the Jews who murdered over 10,000 ‘Khashoggis’ in the illegal occupation of Palestine ?

The European Media cries, ’Khashoggi’! Have they forgotten that they facilitated the Serbs’ invasion of Bosnia and Herzegovina killing over half a million ‘Khashoggis’?

The Lebanese, Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian, and Turkish Media cry, ‘Khashoggi’ ! Have they forgetten the over two million ‘Khashoggis’ that were executed and raped while being locked up in their prisons?

Suddenly, the whole world and everyone in it has changed and become concerned !!!

The number of’ Khashoggis’ who were killed in the wars launched by the West during the last ten years are more than ten million !
And yet, we have not seen the world condemning the actions, demanding that the countries involved to be held accountable, or to be fined financially or at the least be made to issue an official apology !

BUT when it comes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Hearts, Morals and even Equations change-
10 million Khashoggis of my country = one Khashoggi of Saudi???

This is truly phenomenal on the scales of Injustice, Malice and Hatred !

UMSC holds planning meeting on the operationalisation of regional structures


UMSC held a planning meeting yesterday on the operationalisation of regional Muslim administrations at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala.

The meeting was officially opened by the UMSC Secretary General Hon. Ramadhan Mugalu and closed by the Deputy Mufti H.E Shk. Abdallah Semambo.

Muslim leaders including District Kadhis, Muslim District Chairmen, Muslim District Secretaries, Executive Committee members, members of General Assembly from all the 66 Muslim Districts attended the meeting.

In his opening remarks, Hon. Mugalu explained why the regional structures are relevant, noting that about 15 years ago, UMSC had only 6000 Mosques compared to the current 12600 registered Mosques.

In 2016, the UMSC General Assembly resolved that in order to serve Muslims better, UMSC regional administrations should be operationalised and also resolved that they should be increased from the original five to nine.

“This will take services nearer to the people and decongest the UMSC headquarters at Old Kampala” Hon. Mugalu said.

He further said regional administrations will also ensure balance of power as well as serving as grooming ground for Muslim leaders.

The Secretary General said that, once regional administrations are operational, Currently, the headquarters has embarked on making policies governing various departments of the council e.g. Education, Zakat, Hijja&Umra, Health, Awqaf, wealth creation program under social services secretariat and women emancipation and youth empowerment under the secretary for women and youths.

In the closing remarks, the Deputy Mufti commended members of the UMSC national steering Committee on the operationalisation of the regional Muslim governance for their coordination and mobilisation work.

The committee is chaired by Haji Kayongo Ahmed Nyago who is also the Chairman of the UMSC Electoral Commission.

The Deputy Mufti urged Muslim leaders at all levels to mobilize Muslims in support of the regional structures, saying that once operational, they will improve UMSC service delivery.

“The success of the regional administrations depends on you” said Shk. Semambo.

The steering committee chairman Haji Kayongo Ahmed Nyago said the success of the regional administrations will also depend on the activeness of the regional Kadhis.

He called upon all Muslims to embrace the regional structures noting that they are fully in line with article 2 of the UMSC constitution.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba

Public Relations Officer

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

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soldiers beating Mr Yusuf Kawooya before his brutal arrest on October 18 in Kampala. COURTESY PHOTO

In a number of instances the UN General Assembly has strongly condemned all forms and manifestations of terrorism as constitut­ing one of the most serious threats to international peace and security. It is a duty of the States, particularly through their security agencies, to protect all individuals within their jurisdictions from terrorism, as part of their human rights obli­gations in order to guarantee the right to life, the right to security and other human rights and fundamental freedoms. This requires that they adopt a comprehen­sive approach to countering terrorism, with a particular focus on preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism, while upholding human rights and the rule of law.

The effectiveness and legitimacy of a State’s actions against terrorism will always be undermined once it uses its power in vio­lation of international human rights standards, through its security agencies or justice system. As the State plays a central role in countering terrorism, it is predominantly crucial that the various duty bearers are held accountable for their actions in order to ensure legitimacy, confidence, trust and support from the public. The State ought to firmly reject any tendencies for the identification of terrorism with a particular religious affiliation.

It should be noted that those who employ terrorism, regardless of their specific secular or religious objectives, strive to subvert the rule of law and effect change through violence and fear. They share the misguided belief that killing, kidnapping, extorting, robbing, or wreaking havoc to terrorize people are legitimate forms of political action and this has nothing to do with Islamic teaching or upbringing. Islam as a religion strongly prohibits terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. The Quran emphasizes the sanctity of human life (5:32), respect for human dignity (17:70), acceptance of plurality (5:48, 11:118), peaceful co-existence with all (60:8-9), justice (4:135, 5:8), human brotherhood (49:13), and Mercy (21:107).

Unfortunately, the African continent has become a new frontier for terrorism where the concept of Islamic affiliation is even more frequently alluded to. However, without further study – be it econometric or case studies – one cannot logically conclude that Islamic affiliation is a causal factor of terrorism on the basis of some perceived correlation with an increased number of Muslim suspects who are arbitrarily arrested.

We have witnessed many arrests of a number of Muslim suspects in Uganda, especially in the aftermath of the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Suzan Magara, Shiekh Kiggundu, and ASP Muhammad Kirumira, among others. Similar arrests were made in other incidents like when Usafi mosque was raided leading to the detention of several Muslim men, women, and children; all on counts of terrorism and child trafficking.

These arrests are in most cases punctuated with instances of torture. Though compensation has been awarded, the process of litigating to recover the compensation is too expensive for the victims. The realizations of proceeds of compensation also takes years. There is a need for a quicker compensation regime for tortured victims. Most of these victims are shunned by society. However, little is done to rehabilitate and re integrate them back in the society even those who are acquitted and those whose charges are withdrawn.

There is a growing concern as to why Muslims represent the vast majority of persons arrested under charges of terrorism. Many media reports and policy statements also tend to suggest that Islamic terrorism is an emerging threat in the country. But these allegations are often not supported by corresponding quantitative evidence and it has been inevitable for the general public to associate Islam with terrorism or consider persons with a Muslim background as terrorists. On the other hand, Muslims have a general feeling that they are being targeted and that there is a deliberate effort to “Islamize” terrorism whenever the causal factors cannot be determined. It is however worrying that the main stream human rights civil society organizations (local and international), and the international community have not strongly condemned such excesses especially when perpetuated by the State organs with impunity.

The War on Terror is seemingly tackled as a battle of religions rather than of ideas. On the contrary, modern terrorism is trans-boundary and can easily exploit anyone to serve a violent political vision of establishing terrorism or rebellion. It distorts the idea of jihad into a call for murder against those they regard as apostates or unbelievers – including Christians, Jews, Hindus, other religious traditions, and all Muslims who disagree with them. This level of distortion and persecution is largely possible because there is a poorly funded Muslim civil society by many development partners. The counterterrorism strategies must evolve to strengthen the weak structures among Muslim actors.

The effectiveness, legitimacy, and approval of the state’s action against ter­rorism will be undermined if there is poor involvement of those mostly affected and real or perceived lack of accountability. Mutual engagement can help to avoid practices like parading of suspects before the media considering the likely effects on many parties. In most cases, there has not been any effort taken to clear the tainted public image of these suspects upon withdrawal of charges preferred against them or on acquittal. Worse still, there is no deliberate effort or policy to re-integrate them back into communities, counsel their family members (women, children and close relatives) or even provide post-traumatic rehabilitation. Many lose their sources of income, witness shunning of their businesses, and undergo immeasurable setbacks in their social life.

At times, the investigation and prosecution of terrorism-related criminal cases, includ­ing those of incitement to and recruitment into terrorism, seem not to be based on spe­cific evidence. There is little guarantee of due process and fair trials; compliance with the absolute prohibition of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treat­ment or punishment; as well as the right to life, liberty and security. The judiciary has been on many occasions reluctant in granting bail to many Muslims suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. Some sheikhs have even been convicted for life imprisonment on account of their utterances that were preferred as verbal terrorism. This is increasingly creating a disgruntled generation which may want to revenge against the atrocities committed on them and their parents. There is urgent need to devise new approaches consisting of locally-tailored and community-driven initiatives.

Whereas the efforts to fight terrorism like introduction of cameras, recruitment of LDUs, uprooting of Kawukuumi (bad elements) from Uganda Police Force are commendable, we think that efforts should draw on partnerships among a wide range of actors, beyond traditional security practitioners, to include a variety of other public authorities, civil society organizations, busi­nesses and the media. There is need to specifically work with the weak Muslim civil society, religious leaders, and the general Muslim community which generally feels targeted. We hope to see a more deliberate action by the State to address the concerns raised in regard to this terrorism debate. This goes beyond the community-driven policing strategies or intelligence-led operations but requires in-depth inquiry into pertinent concerns. It can be commissioned as compliance-testing to assess the human rights and other issues that implementation of counterterrorism measures has raised in relation to the perceived Islam affiliation. This will inform periodic revision of policing policies, standard operating procedures, and training curricula related to violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism.

In conclusion, we emphasize that Islam does not condone terrorism. Therefore, tackling the struc­tural conditions and push factors conducive to terrorism requires addressing negative socio-economic factors, such as corruption and lack of good governance, as well as high unemployment, especially among youth; strengthening institutions and the rule of law, including dependable policing, promoting dialogue between the state and society, and ensuring respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; combating intolerance and discrimination; promoting mutual respect, coexistence and harmonious relations between ethnic, religious, linguistic and other similar groups; preventing violent extremism; as well as promoting peaceful settlement of disputes and conflicts.

Furthermore, an independent inquiry/audit should be instituted to find answers to the question on why Muslims dominate the suspects’ lists whenever they are any accusations of terrorism. The fact that most suspects are released on nolle proseque (withdrawal of a case by the DPP), releasing some suspects without charges, and raiding of mosques cannot be taken lightly by the Muslim community. If these questions are not answered, Muslims will continue to subscribe to a view that they are being targeted and terrorism is deliberately being Islamized.

We hope that this message has highlighted issues affecting Muslims in Uganda but also suggested how to combat the right causes of terrorism beyond religious affiliation. In Chapter 4 verse 148 of the Glorious Quran “Allah dislikes and abhors public speeches of open contempt towards others unless (it be) for exposing oppression and redressing injustices (zulm)”; Still in Chapter 42 Verse 41, “And whoever rises up to defend their rights when they are afflicted with oppression and injustice, there is no blame against them”

For God and my Country Uganda!


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It is 24 years since the death of Sheikh Haji Zaid Kateregga Mugenyasooka. He died at Kakungulu Memorial Ward, Kibuli Muslim Hospital in the early hours of June 1st 1994, and was buried at Bukoto in the afternoon.He died of natural causes aging 94 years.

Sheikh Zaid Mugenyasooka was President General Africa Muslim Community from 1948 uo to 1972 when Uganda Muslim Supreme Council was formed. He was appointed Regional Qadhi Buganda Region from 1972 up to 1974. In December 1979, he revived AMC Bukoto Nateete and remained its President General until his death.
Sheikh Zaid Kateregga was born in 1900 at Bukesa village in Ngando Sub County, Butambala County now district. His father was Prince Asumani Mawanda Gunsiriiza Tabula, a Mujungute.His mother was Nakibuuka of Mamba clan.

Prior to religious wars of late 1880s and early 1890s, Asumani Mawanda, son of Luzige lived at Kisawo in Bukulula Sub County, now Kalungu District, then Buddu County. He was a son of Prince Gubya who also lived at the same place, with his brother Prince Diba.

Diba, produced Makaato, who became the lineage leader (omukulu w’olunyiriri) under sub clan leader (Omukulu w’omutuba) Kateregga luguma at Bukakkata Buddu0. Kateregga was the first son of King Wunyi l, whose palace and tomb at Kibulala in Singo now present day Kiboga District, who was paternal uncle and step father of Kabaka Kimera.

Makaato produced Nyansi Bulenzi Kasajja (by then as a result of Junju and Ssemakokkiro wars, Kateregga Luguma princes at Bukakkata, had hidden in Mpologoma, Ngabi and Mutima clans) , who became a page at Kabaka Mwanga’s palace at Mmengo, where he was converted to Roman Catholicism, and participated in a war of capturing him after enthroning his son Daudi Chwa in 1897. The battle was at Kabuwoko in Buddu, and he crossed to Bwera now Mawogola, Buweekula into Bunyoro when he joined forces with his brother, Omukama Kabalega of Bunyoro and both were catured in Lango and exiled in Seychelles Islands.
Nyansi Kasajja was appointed a Muluka chief of Miyenje Parish covering present day Mawogola North constituency, from 1900 to until his death in 1939, and was given a Mailo estate at Nnambiriizi, which was the capital of Bwera now Mawogola.

Mawanda converted to Islam and from Kijungute, he settled at Bukesa in Butambala, where a Mailo estate beneficiary gave him a significant portion.

Sheikh Mugenyasooka passed through different sheikhs as his tutors including his master Sheikh Abdullah Ssekimwanyi, the first Ugandan Muslim to perform Hadj in 1920.His other instructor was Sheikh Semawempe. He also trained at Kyowe in Entebbe.

He returned to Ngando in Butambala, where land was given to him to build a mosque which is still standing today. Additionaly a Quran school was also built at Bukesa, which has trained many sheikhs and mwalimus.

During his second pilgrimage to Mecca in early 40s, Sheikh Ssekimwanyi went with Mugenyasooka as his secretary, and when they returned, soon Ssekimwanyi passed on and was replaced by Sheikh Nsambu.
One of the causes for the division of Muslims between Juma Sect Bukoto Nateete and Juma and Zukuri Sect Kyaddondo was praying Zukuli (daily noon prayer0 on Friday in addition to the Juma prayer. After the death of Ssekimwanyi, KibulI dropped praying Dhuhuri on Friday .According to Prince Badru Kakungu and Prof. AB Kasozi, Sheikh Islam, Shuaib Ssemakula had seen Ssekimwanyi as a threat, and after his death he accepted his reforms. Nsambu led a unity Juma at Kibuli.

But Bukoto had others, like opposing mataali drums, fasting depending on the Hijara lunar calendar other than sighting the new moon, translating Khutubah into Luganda and other local languages.
So they elected a young Mugenyasooka at 48 as a caretaker President General, who started from where Ssekimwanyi had stopped and even got a legal advisor Ben Kiwanuka, who was DP President General, and Mugenyasooka became the first Muslim to join DP in 1956.In 1962, he was persecuted by Kabaka Yekka fanatics, and joined his brother Prince Zuliarabi Iddi Ddungu Mukasa Kimera at Nnambiriizi in Mawogola where they built a mosque, a Qur’an school and a UMEA / secular primary school.

The Protectorate and Buganda Government had given 10 sq.miles to Muslims, Zukuri Sect was given six and Bukoto Nateete, four and hills like Nabisunsa, Kisaasi, Wandegeya, Aga Khan, Clock Tower , in Kampala, Bukyolo , Kaddugala, Kabukunge, Nakasoga, Mbuulire, Katimba, Nnamambiriizi in Masaka, kITAGOBWA, bUTAWUKA, IN bUTAMBALA,belonged to Bukoto Nateete, though some was leased to Muslim Sunni Association and Aga Khan Foundation, but of course, in the process, some grabbed but not by Mugenyasooka.
In 1982, Majlisul Ullama (College of Sheikhs) embraced translating of Khutuba in Luganda after Sheikh Abdarazak Matovu, the first Chief Qadhi of Uganda and later mufti successfully translated the Holy Qur’an into Luganda, and this made Bukoto Nateete proud as the pioneers.

Mugenyasooka trained many sheikhs including his own sons; Sheikh Haruna Ssuuna Mugenyasooka, his first son and heir, now Vice President General Africa Muslim Community deputy to Sheikh Abdul Obeid Kamulegeya, President General and successor to Mugenyasooka in 1994, the late Sheikh Muhammad Bulemnzi Kateregga Mugenyasooka , who passed on, on and who was Director of Bukesa Islamic Primary School. Sheikh Asumani Ndawula Mugenyasooka, works with Uganda Revenue Authoroty but also Deputy Imam, Bukoto mosque.

He also trained his nephew, the late Sheikh Abaas Kimera, my father, who was based at Nnambiriizi in Mawogola, and was Masaka District Imaam.Daughter, Princess Zaitun Nassuwa Zaawedde, is a teacher at Kibuli Secondary School.

At a personal level, he introduced me to the late James Ashe Ssekajja, a veteran journalist working with Taifa Empya, who took me to the late Kezekia Sseggwanga Musisi, who recommended me to Ngabo Editor Maurice Luzyimbazi Ssekawungu, and l started working as a Reporter for Ngabo/The Star newspapers in 1990.
Inna Lillaahi wa inna ilaihi raj’una.





If anyone on this page knows Andrew Mwenda on a personal level, tell him that there is a way he can redeem himself for all the defamation, hate speech and any other wrong he’s ever done to people. That his slate can be wiped clean and that there is much hope for forgiveness. There’s no reason why he keeps accusing our moderator, Abbey Semuwemba, of being Tom Okwalinga, for reasons best known to himself.

Tell him to accept Islam as his belief and salvation.
That Islam will bring him a peace that no human can ever take away should he stick with it.

That if he does it , he benefits his soul and his reward and recompense is with God alone. Islam will make him feel like this eartly life as nothing, and that whatever he is looking for could only be granted by God. He should not spend days and nights thinking of what to write about Besigye and his supporters, as obscession could easily lead to mental illness.

Tell him it’s the best choice he could ever make for himself and could be the motivator needed to go against policies that slaughter innocent Ugandans despite pressure from other human beings who may have power. Or help him open eyes to a poverty and incarceration issue that can’t be seen through elitist lenses.
If he doesn’t accept, that’s between him and God, then next invite him to be shown how to help the less fortunate and show by an example that you’ve been setting to do the same in your own spaces.

If we haven’t even TRIED to invite Mwenda and Museveni to islam before deciding there is no hope then I’m afraid we’ve given more power to both of them than they actually have. Neither Mwenda nor Museveni is above the unseen or qadr.

May Allah grant the sincere an ability if we ever meet him to invite him in the spirit of Noah, of Moses, of Muhammad (pbuh). I just have that kind of belief in the power of Allah. I don’t know how to live allowing a man, any man, to have others in perpetual despair. May Allah not test the rest of us with that.




By Mukwanason A. Hyuha
Professor of Economics

Mukwanason A. Hyuha

Mukwanason A. Hyuha

Last week, there was a news item on the local NTV station concerning the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) that is mandated, among other things, to ensure that even minorities and disadvantaged people in the country enjoy equal opportunities, with no discrimination in service provision by government, in employment and, in general, in sharing the national cake. It appears that the EOC had received a complaint to the effect that Muslims in Uganda were/are receiving a less than fair share of the national cake, especially in employment in the public sector. An official of the EOC (a Ms. Malole?) did highlight the nature of the Commission’s docket, responsibilities and activities with respect to the Commission’s implementation of its mandate.

What was, however, surprising—and, possibly, very disappointing to the many Muslims in this Republic—was, first, the official’s claim that she was not actually aware that Muslims were/are facing discrimination. Second, the official seemed not to have the necessary data to enable the EOC to take action on the matter. She, therefore, requested anybody with the data or evidence to forward that evidence to the Commission. It was surprising and disappointing because, in my opinion, it appears to be public knowledge that Muslims are discriminated against in many areas, at least since the colonial days. For instance,

• The Obote II regime had only one Muslim Minister appointed to Cabinet. This Muslim had to immediately flee from the country, following a bombardment of his residence by, allegedly, the security forces. As a result of this flight, the Obote II regime had no Muslim Minister in it.

• The Executive Director of the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) appointed 12 high ranking officers to run the affairs of the Authority. There was/is no Muslim among the 12, yet there are so many extremely well-qualified Muslim Ugandans eligible for such and other similar jobs or appointments.

• Many a time, lists of appointed judges and other high-ranking officials in other sectors of the public service are announced, only for Muslims to painfully discover that in such lists, Muslims are missing or are under-represented. Isn’t the EOC aware of this?

• Although both the Kibuli and Old Kampala Muslim factions, particularly their leaders, are normally quiet on these issues for reasons best known to themselves, Sheikh Obed Kamulegeya has often complained in public about this discrimination. Unfortunately for the Muslims, Sheikh Kamulegeya of late is no longer as vocal on this issue as he used to be during the current and previous regimes.

• Fortunately, my Member of Parliament (Hajji Latiff Ssebaggala) as well as Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte have taken over the mantle, albeit on a voluntary basis. For instance, following the EOC’s feigning of ignorance, Hajji Ssebaggala pointed out that no Muslim is represented in the high-most layers of Uganda’s political leadership: President, Vice President, Speaker of Parliament, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, Prime Minister, occupants of the portfolios of major ministries (such as Agriculture, Education, Health, Industry, etc.), and so on. For equity purposes and in order to correct historical injustices to Muslims, some of these positions should be ring-fenced for the Muslims—knowing that getting well-qualified and competent Muslims is not a problem at all.

• Some of the other examples include the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda and similar chief executive officers (CEOs) of the NSSF, NWSC, CAA, UNRA, URA, UDBL, UPDF, Police, Prisons, ISO, ESO, public universities and other full or semi-parastatals. What about these CEOs’ deputies? Ring-fencing can also be recommended in this case.

What extra evidence does the EOC require? Has it worked on these glaring cases? Given its central position, can’t the EOC generate the required evidence on its own?

Collecting Data and Computing Vital Percentages to Generate Evidence

The EOC should act like the office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG), especially as regards capacity to investigate cases once reported. Because of its capacity, the IGG’s office only needs a report or complaint to start off its own investigation(s). It does not wait for evidence from the complainants or the whistleblowers. That way, the office gets its own evidence, and, hence, does not rely much on evidence from the complainants or whistleblowers—which evidence may, after all, be biased, inaccurate, incomplete, and/or internally inconsistent. Therefore, for a properly implemented act, the EOC must collect data on its own. Thus, a Muslim need only report to the EOC that KCCA’s CEO has employed 12 Ugandans without including a Muslim, or that Muslims are underrepresented in the hierarchy/category of permanent secretaries, yet there are so many well-qualified Muslims fit for the underlying dockets. Thereafter, the EOC swings into action, rather than sitting back in Bugolobi to await the complainant to produce the required evidence.

It is easy to work out the required percentages in every instance. Suppose the population of Muslims in the country is, say, 12% of the total population, then the KCCA should have employed (12×0.12) = 1.44 Muslims, i.e. at least one Muslim; in fact 2 Muslims in line with affirmative action aimed at correcting historical imbalances.

In case the EOC is so understaffed that it has no adequate internal capacity to gather the data on its own, it should at least hire qualified individuals or groups of competent individuals to assist it with the collection and analysis of the necessary data sets. Further, the EOC can actually also source the data from an independent, legal entity to supply it with the required vital data from time to time. This option is actually very attractive and plausible since the EOC may never have enough staff to gather all the data the Commission requires. According to its mandate, the EOC was created to deal with all types of discrimination—with respect to, say, ethnicity, religion, creed, race, region, disability, gender, minorities, political affiliation, ideology, and access to social and other public services and supplies. It is not possible that the Commission can have expert staff in all these areas; hence, the need to hire or source experts from outside the organisation itself.

Conclusion: My Challenge to the EOC

I challenge the EOC to gather data, analyse the data, thereby derive appropriate conclusions, and take the required actions with regard to discrimination against Muslims in cases of the following types, among others:

1. The number of Cabinet Ministers
2. The number of Ministers of State
3. The number of Muslim Ministers in important ministerial portfolios
4. The number of permanent secretaries and their deputies
5. The number of Commissioners in Ministries
6. The number of heads/CEOs of public entities/’parastatals’, such as those mentioned earlier
7. The number of other employees in each Ministry and parastatal (from lowest to highest posts)
8. The number of Presidential advisors
9. The number of Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), given the current 112 districts
10. The number of deputy and Assistant RDCs
11. The number of District Police Commanders (DPCs) in the country
12. The number of Regional Police Commanders in Uganda
13. Similar employment structures in the UPGF and the prisons
14. The number of Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) in the 112 districts
15. The civil service of all districts, municipalities and town councils in all entities
16. And so on.

Are the relevant positions/posts being shared equitably with respect to regions, religions, tribes, gender, et cetera? I am concerned particularly with the percentage of Muslims in these positions vis-à-vis their (Muslims’ population) percentage in the over 35 millions of people in Uganda. Is the Muslims’ share of the national cake equitable or satisfactory? Good analysis of the data will bring out the required answer. The Muslims claim that they are not getting a fair share of the national cake. Does the evidence show otherwise in each of the above instances?

The EOC’s answers to these and similar questions will help all of us and, above all, raise all of us higher on the knowledge scale.

© Mukwanason Hyuha
May 15, 2016.



Assalamu alaikum. As the Muslim community evolves, so too will its politics.

It’s heartening to see much of the Uganda Muslim community engage in heavy discussion on this election but none of the Muslim leaders has come out with a document to publicly give guidance on what Muslims want from the next govt. Whether it’s to question the way the religious-political cake is distributed(the president pledging 10 billions to the Catholics for shrines), or our cooperation with the government, Muslims have much to contribute to an existing and critical discourse.

What we need to remember though is that Islam frames the way in which we seek to enter and contribute to the conversation. We are not political observers offering insight from a distance, nor are we contributing from a godless ontology through which we then feign universality.

Islam defines for us the problem and Islam defines for us the solution. Let us keep this in mind so as to not adopt what will ultimately be a self-defeating politics.

Now, back to the discussion..

When the sincerity of Museveni’s promises to Muslims and the rest of Ugandans is questioned, some people cry insensitivity and insist the discussion be left for another day. For instance,he has promised some compensation to the victims of the 1979 mini-genocide in Mbarara, but you have got to ask yourself:1- what’s in it for him this time? , 2- why now, after 30 years in power?

Recently, as many of you may have heard, there were newspaper articles published that theorized the murders of Muslim sheikhs, but no report has been published by the govt so far. We are still basically in darkness on who’s killing our leaders, a factor that has made some of us to stay away from that country for a while. Honestly, Its scary to be killed and absolutely nothing is done about it. I sometimes wish I knew how to make a gun and bullets myself without going to any factory, such that I could distribute them to all Muslim leaders to protect themselves.

Secondly, I’ve only come to realize how little support, we as an honourable Muslim community, give to each other in times of hardship. I am guilty of this myself, but I’ve only just started to feel the great importance of this unfortunately when it hit home.There’s a sheikh(tabliq faction) in prison right now whose case has been as confusing as the candidacy of Mbabazi in these elections. I have forgotten his name but I think he was due for bail at some point and the trial was postponed or something like that. But some Muslims are celebrating this brother’s problems instead of trying as much as possible to help him.

How do we do this to each other, while Allah SWT honoured us with this amazing religion we all share, and yet we let each individual suffer on their own. The imagery is of hungry wolves attacking, and instead of staying all close together, we seem to scamper away like little mice with our heads down. Is this the Izzah (honour) that we hold as one Ummah. It would be great to see us actually implement the hadith of the Prophet SAW that we are, as one body. We all know it in words but really contemplate, how have you actually shown that with your actions. Allah SWT says (translation): Shall we then treat the Muslimeen (people of faith) like the Mujrimeen (People of Sin)? ((68:35))

Imagine if each time one Muslim was unfairly treated in any way, a respected group of 3,000 Muslims responded, just voicing their support via social media,newspapers and radio stations to the individual and his family rather than making them feel like a stray sheep from amongst the herd. (It will be great to discuss ideas of how we can do this, in an organized fashion). Doing so, will not only unite our efforts, but also potentially deter attackers.

Some will probably be thinking -but how do we know that he is being unfairly treated? The premise of “innocent until proven guilty” should be there not “guilty because the media said so”. Also, there is a definite harshness that exists amongst us sometimes when we don’t necessarily agree with each other’s opinions. Do any two people share the exact same ideas and opinions? Where is our respect for different understandings? Psychology studies have taught us the vastness and magnificence of the human brain. Utmost respect should be given to one another, especially as Muslims where we agree on who our Creator is, and who our beloved, noble Prophet is, and on our purpose in this gleamingly short world. Aren’t we all trying to please our Creator?

Well, I wish everyone peaceful elections. Please vote wisely and find a way to protect your votes: don’t go back home before votes are counted, and take pictures of the results. We also pray to Allah to give strength to our brother,Dr.Badru Kiggundu, whom i respect so much, to do the right thing…..i must add ‘this time’!


*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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The malicious massage was sent by the aggrieved members (former staff members) whose contracts were not renewed at the end of the year 2015.
1. The need to correct the false information supplied.

a. The list of terminated staff members had names like Muwonge Vincent, Matovu Ivan, Lutamaguzi Ivan and Kawamala Moses who were terminated in 2013 during the former head teacher’s tenure.

b. All new applicants for vacancies were given muslim names yet a good number of them are Christians e.g Nasiwa Sophia is Nasiwa Oliver, Namaingo Aminah is Namaingo Alice, Nalubale Leilah is Nalubale Diana, Aiita Anifa is Aiita Alex.
c. The structure of the prayer place at school was put up under Mr.Bwire Raphel’s time in 2006.
d. A number of staff (8) who contracts were not renewed have written their statements to dis-associate themselves from the case submitted to KCCA Labour office which was contesting termination of contract. This is because they consented to the end of contract but were also included on the long list of complainants.
e. The length of service was faked e.g Ssekadde Saul served for 1 year as an office messenger not 2 years as personal assistant. Odwori Micheal served for 2 years not 19years. Kawamara Moses served for 6years not 10 years, Nalwanga Mable served for 7 years not 9 years, Sseremba Ronald served for 10 years not 15 years etc.

The Board of Governors (B.O.G) employs temporary staff to fill the gaps whenever those on Government pay roll are not enough, with an understanding that the B.O.G staff are on temporary contracts and laid off as soon as a school gets a government staff.

It is under this arrangement that the contracts of the complainants were not renewed and they resorted to lodge their complaints to the KCCA Labour office and social Media.

They were given notice in advance and on top of that they are going to be paid 2 months’ salary in lieu.

The termination of contract is not a new phenomenon. Every end of year contracts are terminated or renewed depending on performance and government posting of staff.


There is a committee in charge of recruitment of personnel and none of the members is a Muslim.
It is not that all the short listed persons passed the interview.
Its un fortunate that all the new recruited staff were given Muslim names to instigate hostility
The KCCA labour office has invited me for mediation meeting on the 1st/Feb/2016

Feel free, to ask any clarification on this matter. Otherwise I will keep you posted on the new developments after the mediation meeting.

Asalam Aleikum



By Haji Nsereko Mutumba
The history of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) as told by ignorant and dishonest individuals who accuse the current UMSC administration under H.E the Mufti of Uganda Shk. Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje for selling ‘Muslim property’ leaves a lot to be desired.
First and foremost, the definition of Muslim property is quite myopic. They attempt to make the world to believe that a property can only be referred to as Muslim property if it existed after Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje was sworn in as the Mufti of Uganda on 6th January 2001. Meaning that – before Shk. Mubaje became Mufti there was no Muslim property.
Secondly, they want everyone to believe that there was no selling or stealing of Muslim property before Shk. Mubaje became the Mufti of Uganda.
Thirdly, they ignorantly or stubbornly refuse to understand the difference between selling and leasing.
By granting UMSC leaders the custodianship of Asian properties, President Idi Amin Dada’s dream (May Allah forgive him) was to help the council generate funds out of these properties so that by the time the Asians repossess them, UMSC would have generated enough funds and put up its own structures that would make it self-reliant.
This dream was never fulfilled because by the time some of the properties were apparently repossessed by the so called rightful owners, not even a modern toilet facility was constructed by the then UMSC leaders from the money collected from them.
If I may ask, who witnessed the handover ceremony of the Muslim properties (including Kibuli Mosque) that were entrusted to the then Mohamedan Chief (Muslim leader) Prince Mbogo and his subsequent successors from 1900 to 1st June 1972? When UMSC was inaugurated. Where are these properties?
According to a book “The life of Prince Badru Kakungulu Wasajja” written by Prof. A.B.K Kasozi, Kibuli Mosque was constructed by funds solicited from all Muslims with the help of money donated by Asians. It was supposed to be a Muslim unity Mosque.
In this document, I have revealed what had been concealed from Ugandan Muslims concerning UMSC properties.  I have brought to light the truth about UMSC properties that were either negligently lost or illegally disposed off by former UMSC leaders or infamously repossessed by the so called rightful owners in 1991-98.
Ever since its inception in 1973, UMSC has had several leaders who in their capacities did little or nothing to contribute to the development of UMSC as an institution.
Did you know that fraud and mismanagement of UMSC/Muslim affairs started right from the time President Idi Amin Dada was overthrown?
Do you know the number and value of properties UMSC had 42 years ago?
They were over eight hundred and they included factories, housing estates, lands, ranches, landing sites, schools, vehicles and Mosques all scattered all over the country and worth billions of shillings.
The UMSC factories were managed by its industrial and commercial arm known as Industrial and Commercial Holdings Limited and its general manager was M W Kiggundu (see attached document). They included:
  • Ugastat Ltd
  • Uganda Brushware Manufacturers Ltd
  • Uganda Ranchers Ltd
  • Consolidated Properties Ltd.
  • Liiso Publications Ltd
  • Star Garment Industry Ltd
  • Hababi Hotel Ltd
  • Al-Attas Touring Company with a fleet of vehicles numbering up to 12 Omni buses.
  • Kitovu Printery
  • Lathe Machine Workshop
The ranches were organised under a UMSC company called M/S Uganda Ranchers Ltd (see document attached). They included:
  • Mijera/Nakakola Buruli Ranch
  • Kiryandongo Ranch
  • Masaka Ranch
  • Mawogola
  • Bunya Ranch
  • Ankole Ranch
All the above properties belonged to UMSC before Shk. Mubaje became Mufti but at the time he assumed office in 2001, all the industries had vanished in thin air. The ranches had been illegally personalized or sold off.
Before I share the list of those lost or sold Muslim properties, I should make the following clarifications;notion
Plots 30, 102/104 on William Street were never sold. UMSC sub leased them with the mandate of the Executive Committee and the money was used to construct the commercial perimeter complex at the UMSC Headquarters which fetches over 40 million per month and it will fetch over 80 million once it is fully completed. Part of this money is used to pay UMSC staff salaries (see the attached photos of the complex).
It should be remembered that this property had also been illegally disposed off by previous UMSC leaders. It took H.E Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje’s personal effort to recover it in 2003.
Another case of dishonesty or negligence by past UMSC leaders was on the issue of the UMSC Head Quarters Old Kampala land title. During President Amin’s time in office, the then Commissioner of Lands and Survey wrote to UMSC requesting the then administration to pay UGX  15,850/= in order to be allocated a land title, but the council officials never paid and UMSC never acquired the land title until 1999 during the NRM government. It took President Museveni’s intervention for the title to be secured during the leadership of the late Shk. Muhammad Semakula.
Below are some of UMSC properties that were sold or lost between 1973 and 1998:.
1. Plot No. 46 Namirembe Road
2. Plot No. 108 Nakivubo North Road
3. Khoja Shia Ishabasuru jamat Primary School
4. Plot 2 1/23 Rashid Khamis Road
5. Plot 10 opposite Akamba Bus
6. 6 Wilson Road New Secondary School
7. 96-98 William Street 12 flats
8. Plot No. 84-90 Nakivubo Road
9. Plot No. 38 Namirembe Road
10. Plot No. 23 William Street *
11. Plot No. 30 William Street*
12. Mosque at Plot No. 17/A and C Entebbe road and Plot No. 4 SNAY BIN STREET
13. Old Kampala Mosque and Education complex at Plot No.45, 47-51 Rashid Khamis
14. Plot 6 Martin Road
15. Plot No. 1 Barclay Lane
16. Plot 88 South Street
17. Muslim Cemetery at Archer Road Kololo
18. Plot 6 and 8 Martin Road
19. Plot 39 A-39 B Martin Road
20. Plot 4 and 5 Rubaga Place
21. Plot 1 Rubaga Road
22. Four Blocks of Flats Mussajalumba Road
23. Aga Khan Club Old Kampala
24. Plot 2, 4 and Hoima Road
25. Aga Khan Education Complex Kololo Hill Drive
26. Main Aga Khan Mosque Old Kampala
27. Aga Khan Mosque Namirembe Road
28. Plot No. 17/19 Kampala Road
29. Plot No. 12/14 City Square
30. Diamond Trust Properties Limited
31. Mosque and Mohammed High School, Wandegeya
32. H.H Aga Khan Sec. School and Primary
33. H.H Aga Khan Hostel
34. Plot No. 8A, Kabalega Close – Nakawa
35. Plot No. Ml 89 Kabalega Close — Nakawa
36. Plot No. 18, Buvuma Road
37. Muslim Sports Club at Entebbe Road
38. Nakulabye House: 64 Houses from plots No. 461 to525
39. Plot No. 3, Rubaga Place
40. Plot No. 92 William Street
41. Plot No. 78 South Street
42. Plot No. 86/8 8 William Street
43. Lower Kololo Houses Sturrock Road (4 Double stories flats)
44. Plot No. 2 Snay Bin Amir Street
45. Plot No. ito No. 10 Kasalina Road (Namirembe)
46. Plot No. 24-26 Mackay Road
47. Makerere Plots No. 90 to 16
48. Plot No. 5 Martin Road
49. Plot No. 59 Nkrumah Road (formally Salisbury Rd.)
50. H.H The Agha Khan Jubilee Gift Fund (U) Limited
51. Plot No.2 and 170, Hoima Road
52. Plot No. 24 Makerere Rd. Kampala
53. Plot No. 12 Prince Charles Drive
54. Plot No. 24 Mackay Road
55. Plot No. 2 Hill Lane Kampala
56. Ploy No. 11 Namirembe Road
57. Plot No. 603 Nakulabye Road
58. Plot No. 20 Bokassa Street
59. Plot No. 9 Namirembe Road
60. Plot No. 284/ 285 Namirembe Township
61. Plot No. 1 Old Kampala Road
62. Plot No. 103 Kibuga Hoima Rd.
63. Plot No. 1-3 Kiswa Rd.
64. Plot No. 5 Martin Rd.
65. Plot No. 46 1/525 Nakulabye Kibuga
66. Plot No. 1-10 Kasalina Rd
67. Plot No. Sturrock Rd. Lower Kololo
68. Plot No. 7A/B Commercial Street
69. Plot No. 9/A/B/C
70. Plot No. 28 Tonque Street
71. Plot No. 18/20 Kamese Road
72. Plot No. Aga Khan Mosque (Old)
73. Plot No. 18 Grade Housing Estate
74. Plot No. 20
75. Masindi Port Mosque
76. Old Toro Road Mosque
77. Plot No. 7 Main Street
78. Plot No. 26 Main Street
79. Plot No. 32 Main Street
80. Plot No. 3 Butyaba Road
81. Karugira Mosque
82. Kakumiro Aga Khan Mosque
83. Bulisa Isinshiaria Mosque
84. Plot No. 16 High Street Mbarara
85. Plot No. 68/70 High Street Mbarara
86. Aga Khan Primary School
87. Plot No. 6A & 6B Kakoba Road
88. Plot No. 4A & 4B Kakoba Road
89. Plot No. 8A/8 B Kakoba Road
90. Plot No. 2/18 Busunku Road
91. Plot No. 16/20 Busunku Road
92. Kafunjo Mosque
93. Ntungamo Mosque
94. Rwantaba Mosque
95. Aga Khan Mosque — Stadium Road — Kabale
96. Plot No.7 1 Elm Rd. Masaka
97. Plot No. 73 Elm Rd Masaka
98. Plot No. 5 Elm Rd. Masaka
99. Plot No. 14/20 Circular Rd. Masaka
100. Plot No. 6/10 Bwala Hill Masaka
101. Plot No. 12/14 Bwala Hill Masaka
102. Plot No. 3 0/40 Katwe Road Masaka
103. Plot No. 42/48 Victoria Rd. Masaka
104. Plot No. 21 Edward Avenue Masaka
105. Plot No. 3 1/35 Tibukuuza Rd. Materre Masaka
106. Plot No. 13/23 George Street Masaka
107. Plot No. 20/3 0 Victoria Road
108. Plot No. 30 Bwala Hill
109. Plot No. 32/3 6 Victoria Road Masaka
110. Bukoto trading Center Mosque
111. Butenga Trading Center Mosque
112. Kakuuto Trading Center Mosque
113. Kagologolo Trading Center Mosque
114. Kalisizo Trading Center Mosque
115. Kalungu Trading Center Mosque
116. Kawoko Trading Center Mosque
117. Kyabakuza Trading Center Mosque
118. Kyotera Trading Center Mosque
119. Lyantonde Trading Center Mosque
120. Mbirizi Trading Center Mosque
121. Kaboyo Trading Center Mosque
122. Mpigi Mosque
123. Mitala — Maria Mosque
124. Nabusanke Mosque
125. Kiriri Mosque
126. Kinoni Mosque
127. Kinoni Aga Khan School
128. Bukandu Mosque — Bar
129. Plot No. 8 Kinyo Rd. Bombo
130. Plot Certificate No. 30486 Nabusanke Cemetery
131. Plot No. 29-35 Babula Rd.
132. Plot No. 27 Gakhale Rd East
133. Plot No. 7 Iganga Mosque
134. Plot No. 14 I4aji Tamachi Place
135. Plot No. 25 IgangaRd.
136. Plot No. 1-2 radio Rd.
137. Plot No. 11 Muvule Crescent M. Club
138. Lonan Club Elgon Avenue
139. Plot No. 5 Radio Rd.
140. Plot No. 30 Lumba Road
141. Plot No. 32 Lumba Road
142. Plot No. g Iganga Rd.
143. Kamuli Mosque Hitimba Rd.
144. Kalire Mosque Iganga Rd.
145. Mbulamuti Mosque Kamuli Rd.
146. Nursery School, Radio Rd.
147. Plot No. 15 Kitimbo Rd. Kamuli
148. Plot No. 11 Kitimbo Rd. Kamuli
149. Plot No. 13 Kitimbo Rd. Kamuli
150. Plot No. 33/35 Bugabula Rd. Jinja
151. Plot No. 20/22 Elgon Avenue
152. Plot No. 24/34 Gokhle Rd. Jinja
153. Plot No. 2/10 Radio Rd. Jinja
154. Plot No. 16 First Lane Jinja
155. Plot No. 29/3 1 Gabula Rd. Jinja
156. Plot No. 6 Republic Street
157. Plot No. 8 Republic Street
158. Plot No. 22 Nkokonjeru Rd.
159. Plot No. 4 Bwana Muchale Rd.
160. Plot No. 19 Bwana Muchale Rd.
161. Plot No. 1, 2, 3 Kirk Crescent Rd.
162. Plot No. 7 Kirk Crescent Rd.
163. P10t No. 2 Buteleja Green Rd.
164. Plot No. 4 Buteleja Green Rd.
165. Plot No. 8 Buteleja Green Rd.
166. Plot No. 10 Buteleja Green Rd.
167. Plot No. 12 Buteleja Green Rd.
168. Plot No. 206 Masaba Avenue
169. Plot No. 19 Aga Khan Dispensary Naboa Rd.
170. Aga Khan Sports Club 2 Buildings
171. Aga Khan Nursery School
172. Aga Khan Hostel
173. Pallisa Rd. Aga Khan Oswal Community X Center
174. Aga Khan Lodge Buwalasi View on Nabuvango Rise Rd.
175. Plot No. 40 Haridoa Rd.
176. Plot No. 33 School Rd Soroti
177. Plot No. 13/15 Soroti Avenue
178. Plot No. 24 Juma Shai Rd.
179. Plot No. 11-17 Hostel Haridas Rd.
180. Lira Aga Khan Mosque Soroti Rd.
181. Plot No.2 Bazar Rd.
182. Plot No. Aga Khan Mosque at Atura
183. Minakula Aga Khan School
184. Aga Khan Mosque 144 Uhuru Drive
185. Plot No. 3-5 Atwal Rd.
1 86. Plot No. 20 Andrea Olala Rd.
187. Plot No. 2-4 Andrea Olala Rd.
188. Plot No.7 AtwalaRd.
189. Plot No. 22-24 Atwala Rd.
190. Plot No. 1012 Achili Rd.
191. Plot No. 9/11 AtwalRd. Gulu
192. Plot No. 2/4 Lagala Rd. Gulu
193. Ngogwe Town
194. Buike Town
195. Kayunga Town
196. Wobulenzi Town
197. Bombo Town
198. Nagalama Town
(All properties that belonged to Indians in the above East Buganda towns were
Entrusted to UMSC)
199. Plot No. 68/80 Kiboga Rd.
200. Plot 6 Mugurusi Rd.
201. Aga Khan Nursery School, Mugurusi Rd.
202. Plot No. 13, 15 and 17
203. Aga Khan Mosque Plot No. 3 7-43
204. Plot No. 3 Rhino Camp Rd.
205. Mosque Adumi Rd.
206. Plot No. 20-24 Rhino Camp
207. Plot No. 33/3 9 Main Street
208. Plot No. 11 Block A
209. Plot No. 59 Mityana Rd.
210. Plot No. 18 Mubende
211. Plot No. 37/39 Masindi Port Rd.
212. Plot No. 2 and 4 Oyam Rd. Lira
213. Plot No: 9 Block .A. Atura
214. Plot 20/26 Bachuku Rd. Mbarara (Busunku)
215. Plot No. 1 Stadium Rd.Mbarara
216, Plot No. 224 Kikagati Ankole
217. Plot No. 7 Block A Kafunzo
218. Plot No. 22/24 Bulemba Rd.
219. Plot No. 127/137 Pallisa Rd. Mbale
220. Plot No. 53/57 Pallisa Rd.
221. Plot No.3 Block A Butiru Rd.
222. Plot No. 7 Block B Butiru Rd.
223. Plot No. 31 Mosque Fort Portal
224. Plot No. 3 7/47 Kuppa Rd Fort Portal
225. Plot No. 39 Fort Portal
226. 331 Fort Portal
227. Plot No. 3 Butiti Rd.
228. Plot No. 179/64 stadium Rd Kabale
229. Plot No. 3/5 Block B Busia
230. Industrial Estate Port Bell
231. Brush Factory Kawempe
232. Diamond Jubilee Investment Trust Limited
233. Jubilee Insurance Company Limited, 14 Parliament Avenue, Kampala (IPS)
In addition to the above, there was the Najanankumbi Estate which comprised of 18 Bungalows.  These were also disposed off through dubious means.
Had our past leaders been foresighted and honest enough, UMSC would be standing tall as one of the wealthiest and most powerful institutions in Uganda today
And as clearly indicated above, the Plot No. 30 on William Street was never a Mosque. It was simply transformed into a prayer place in 1983 following the expulsion of the then Mufti Shk. Kassim Mulumba from the then UMSC Headquarters at the now Agakhan Mosque at Old Kampala.duality
Sheikh Mulumba turned the William Street building into his headquarters after it was given to him by the late Haji Abdel Zedi of Kabira (25 miles on Kampala – Masaka Road). It was previously a store.
In conclusion, the current UMSC administration has never sold any Muslim property. The selling was done by the previous UMSC leaders. Instead of attacking the current UMSC administration for subleasing a single property and using the proceeds to construct a commercial perimeter complex which generates millions of shillings per month, UMSC detractors should be asking the past UMSC leaders the whereabouts of the above listed Muslim properties.
When Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje assumed office, he found about 8 land titles of Muslim properties. Today, UMSC has over 300 Muslim land titles which were secured by the current UMSC administration. May Allah reward His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje and members of his administration for this accomplishment.
In regard to the above therefore, I propose an inquiry into all lost UMSC properties acquired since 42 years ago. This would do the council more good since it would dig out all those who stole what and how, so as to clean the Image of the council once and for all.
The Writer is the UMSC Public Relations Officer. He can be contacted on Mobile 0772/0701 – 409504 or Email.

Disclaimer:Everyone posting to this Forum bears the sole responsibility for any legal consequences of his or her postings, and hence statements and facts must be presented responsibly. Your continued membership signifies that you agree to this disclaimer and pledge to abide by our Rules and Guidelines.



Beyond Monetary Compensation: The Most Serious Crimes Must Not go Unpunished


Killing members of a religious group with intent to destroy them in whole or in part, as was the case for Muslims in Sheema, Uganda, in 1979 is one of the most serious crimes: the crime of genocide. Victims of such crime not only deserve adequate and timely compensation, but perpetrators of genocide must not go unpunished.

Until adequate and timely compensation has been made, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the candidate’s statement is a mere campaign message deliberately intended to get votes from victims of massacres to support a candidate who has clearly failed to ensure that the victims were compensated without undue delay.

The fact that no compensation has been made in the last about 30 years (despite a previous promise made during 2011 presidential campaigns) is a possible indicator of unwillingness to adequately and timely compensate the victims. They are only remembered during and only in the context of presidential campaigns (when their votes are wanted) but forgotten immediately after swearing in.

Even if one is to give the candidate some benefit of doubt, his promise is still ambiguous and indeed non-committal. The promise is not to provide adequate compensation immediately and unconditionally but rather to send the Prime Minister and the Solicitor General (on an unspecified date) to meet the affected families and agree on modalities of compensating them.

There is, therefore, a process with a possibility that a satisfactory agreement on adequate and timely compensation might not be reached or if reached it might not be implemented in practice without further delay.

While we do not support Hon. Amama Mbabazi, his words, as cited by Rehema Uganda and The Observer, (ie ‘when he tells you that this is white, then you know he is meaning that it is black’), unless otherwise disproved, might apply equally apply to the victims.

It is hoped that adequate and timely compensation will be made to the victims without further undue delay.

Delayed compensation does not amount to adequate compensation.

Significantly, monetary compensation alone without holding those who bear the greatest criminal responsibility for killing Muslims accountable will never be adequate compensation. It breeds impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes and thus contributes to the further commission of similar crimes in the future. No wonder Muslims can still be killed without accountability; arrested and detained without trial etc.

My Kyeyo experience in the UK taught me a lot!


I listened to Imaam Kasozi on Pearl radio on Sat 23rd Jan 2016 when he discussed the issue of the Saudis abusing their domestic workers. He stated that the expectations of the Ugandans should have been discussed before and that it is possible that our work culture could be affecting us. Imaam please get us your audio bites and post them so we dont re-discuss your thoughts.
Having been a “nkuba kyeyo” myself I agreed with him entirely. It is hard work when you leave your home. When I went to the UK, I was a qualified medical doctor. I will not tell you here what I did for survival but for 2 years I worked hard, 16-18 hours a day!!!! I didnt expect it better and when I was fedup with that dirty work, I jumped on the plane and arrived at Entebbe with only GBP 240 and a small bag, to the disappointment of many family members, but I was home!!!!! I retain no anger to the British. They paid me for the hours I worked and the dirty work I did.
The sexual abuses are probably true and we need to investigate them but are they the major in this case or is it hard work the Ugandans are not used to? Are our sisters and brothers exaggerating hard work as abuses? We needed a thorough investigation before emotionally closing a rather lucrative export, labour.
But those are our Ministers, they work on emotions and impulse, never establishing facts. Thank God,  I am not a Minister!!
Dr.Hakim Ssendagire via the UMBS forum

Both Saudi and Uganda govts are to blame!


‘While Saudi Government can be blamed for not intervening in the suffering of our Ugandans who go to do slavery there, our government is equally to blame. In Man Power Planning Principles, if a country can not absorb all its graduates, it is in order to export that man power. The individuals will benefit as well as the government.Our African countries have left the citizens to export themselves or by fake organizations to go and serve as slaves in the developed and developing countries. Many die while traveling to these countries but we do not learn or care’

I have information that in 2000 China asked our Ambassador there to provide 20,000 teachers to teach English language in their country. When our Ambassador traveled back and talked to the PS Ministry of education, the latter completely rejected the idea without subjecting it to logical discussion. The argument was that it would sabotage UPE programme, some thing I found illogical. First Uganda has more teachers than the government can employee some of the doing petty jobs. Secondly, any S4 Dropout in Uganda needs just 6mouthe course on pedagogue and would go to Chine and teacher basic English well etc.etc.The Ambassador gave up the idea, but some how a few individuals found their way in Chine on that programme.

Supposing these people were going out with involvement the government, their contribution would be more than twice,. There are countries like Pakistan that officially export manpower to Saudi Arabia and their economies are benefiting well as their citizens also gain.

—–‘Kibedi Nkuutu’ via Uganda Muslim Brothers & Sisters​



Well the thing of collective guilt sometimes becomes too much. This morning, a colleague at office asked me what “are your Saudi brothers’ doing to our sisters? Of course, i know that this is a complex matter. Truth be told there are both good and bad stories there. I have five close family members from across the borders who are in Saudi.
I chat with them almost on a daily basis. Their bosses are good to them. Two of them even performed Umra last year courtesy of their bosses. They have also been returning home for some break and return back to their duty stations. So there is no clear cut line on this issue.
I personally still find it hard that Saudi Arabic can’t reign in on people committing these atrocities. What happens to justice and all these nice teachings of treating laborers in the most humane way? This abuse seems to be happening at large scale to escape the eye of the authorities. This reminds me of some preaching program i watched online of Shiekh Faizal from Jamaica about the hypocrisy in Saudi.
Sheikh Faizal trained in Madina. In this video he attacks the religious scholars of Saudi for turning a blind eye and deaf ears to serious problems in their country and throwing around fatwas on small issues in other parts of the World. I don’t have the guts to post some of things he mentioned in the video that is available on you tube.
Of course in Islam we don’t believe in shared sin, but this is not the best portrayal of Islam as a whole, given the fact that Saudi is governed in accordance with Sharia. The Saudi government come up and address this problem or appear to be doing somethings. Naye, tuswala.
Ahmed Wetaka via the UMBS forum

{UMBS} Uganda Bans Recruitment of Domestic Workers to Saudi Arabia


Government has with immediate effect banned the recruitment and deployment of Ugandans as domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Muruli Mukasa, the Gender, Labor and Social Minister, notes that the ministry has been receiving complaints of workers subjected to inhuman treatment by their employers in Saudi Arabia.

According to the statement, the ban will remain in effect until the working conditions in Saudi Arabia are deemed fit. In 2014, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, asked government to ban the export of domestic workers following complaints of torture but nothing was done.

{UMBS} Saudi Bans Some Names


Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry has banned 50 names they argue contradict the culture or religion of the Kingdom, according to reports by local media.
Parents in the Kingdom will reportedly no longer be able to call their children by names such as Linda, Alice, Elaine or Binyamin (Arabic for Benjamin) after the civil affairs department at the ministry issued a list of the prohibited names.
Binyamin is believed in Islam to be the son of Prophet Jacob, but is also the name of the current Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Some names on the list are allegedly banned by the interior ministry because they are considered “blasphemous,” non-Arabic or non-Islamic, or contradictory to the kingdom’s culture or religion, Gulf News has reported.
The ban was also allegedly justified by the ministry because some of the names were deemed foreign or “inappropriate”.
Other sets of forbidden names include those with royal connotations, such as Sumuw (highness), Malek (king) and Malika (queen).
Some on the list do not fit into any of these categories however, leaving the reason for banning them open to speculation.
The full list of forbidden names as reported in Gulf News is listed below:
Malaak (angel)
Abdul Aati
Abdul Naser
Abdul Musleh
Binyamin (Arabic for Benjamin)
Abdul Nabi
Abdul Rasool
Sumuw (highness)
Al Mamlaka (the kingdom)
Malika (queen)
Mamlaka (kingdom)
Tabarak (blessed)
Rama (Hindu god)
Basmala (utterance of the name of God)
Jibreel (angel Gabriel)
Abdul Mu’een
Nabi (prophet)
Nabiyya (female prophet)
Amir (prince)

Is there a similitude of what happens on the international scene and that in Uganda?




Students’ Imam (2013-2015) BUMSA


March, 2015

Nagongera-Tororo, UG



Significance of the document

The world is being dominated and misled by the ideologies of the beings who regard themselves as super powers. Many people who blindly follow, have embraced awkward practices and happen to assist the tyrants implement their weird agendas. This could purportedly be done unknowingly or for reasons of earningfavour from the infidels or in pursuit of dimes. Thus, the need to address these issues which are engrooved in a one wide program, the New World Order. I contemplated it that, there was need to cite international examples and relate them to what prevails in Uganda.

About BUMSA   

BUMSA is an acronym for Busitema University Muslim Students Association. The association’s key aim is to unite all Muslim students in Busitema University among others. Contact BUMSA via

Busitema University is a multi-campus public university situated in Eastern Uganda with about seven campuses, though only five as per now are in full operation.  For further information, visit the university website at

About the author

The author was born on 27/10/1992, to parents Mr. Mukiibi Yusufu (senior) and Ms. Nakabugo Yudaya of Lungujja, Kampala.

Adescendant of the great grand SemakulaSirimaan Musaale family of KIBIBIsub-county, BUTAMBALA district.

He is a student of Busitema University (2012-2015) currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of science education at Nagongera campus (Tororo district). He served as the students’ Imam BUMSA from 2013 to 2015.

You may contact him via


I dedicate this work to my grand tutors;Shaykh Musa Ahmadah Mutyaba and Imam AbduNasir Seif for the extremely incredible work of grooming me into a literate Muslim. May Allah grant them the best on this worldly life and please them with Jannat ul Firdaws. Allahuma Aamin



I hereby extend my sincere gratitude towards the work done by the committed Islamic scholars, Muslim professionals, Islamic media organisations and well-wishers. The Islamic publications and lectures presented are really educative for those who understand.  It’s quite challenging that we as Muslims live in societies opposed to the authentic teachings. May Allah reward thescholars who manoeuvre through such challenges on this worldly life and Hereafter.

To mention but a few, am really appreciative for;

  • The Muslims and well-wishers who preach and abide by the truth even if it calls forbeing battered ,faulted,blackmailed, jailed and slained. May Allah be pleased with their ungradable  contributions.
  • The efforts of Prof: Abbas Kiyimba to address issues that inflict agony on the Ugandan Muslims though at times with little or no assistance from the concerned Muslim bodies.
  • The zeal that is exhibited by Shaykh Abdullah Faisal (Imam Jamaikee ) to present sensitive topics despite the fact that he has ever been in prison for years for related instances. May Allah enable him keep up the spirit and endow a similitude of it to the young generation.
  • All the Muslim journalists who are committed to the well-being and betterment  of our religion. I take it upon myself to salute the performance of radio stations 92.3 Voice Of Africa radio and 107.9 Pearl FM in Uganda.
  • Empowerment and courage from brothers; Fuube Shubaike, Ismail Mumbere, Ashraf Katungi, Dhakaba Muhammad and Tagumira Abdallah


Opening Word

All praise is due to Allah (s.w), Cherisher, Nourisher ,Sustainer  from Whom we seek forgiveness and assistance. We pray that peace and blessings be bestowed upon the last of all prophets(saw), his household, companions, those who followed them, those following them and those to follow them until the day of Reckoning.

May Allah save us from the malice of our souls and the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides, no one can lead him astray and whomsoever Allah leads astray, no one can bring him to the righteous path. I bear witness that none is worthy of worship besides Allah(s.w) and Muhammad (s.a.w) is a slave and Messenger of Allah(s.w)

The trustworthy stories are those of the Book of Allah, the best guidance is that of the prophet Muhammad (s.a .w), the worst of deeds is innovation and every innovation is Bid-aa, any Bid-aa leads astray and any kind of astray leads to hell fire.

May Allah guide us to the righteous path, the path of those whom He bestowed upon his bounties and not the path of those who went astray and those with whom He was angered. Allahuma Aamin



The New World Order can be abbreviated as NWO.

Ayna NWO? Maa haazha NWO? Wamaadraaka NWO?

This terminology, the NWO was introduced in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. It was first mentioned of by the then, president of America George Bush in 1990 and his exact words were, “what is at stake is more than just one small country, it’s a big idea the NWO.”

The NWO is a global domination spearheaded by the US and her allies. These aim at dominating other nations of the world politically, economically, socially and militarily.

The strategies taken to implement the NWO are as follows;

  1. To dismantle the Soviet Union (USSR) in Afghanistan, US used Mujahidin after which they were labeled fundamentalists and arrested. Some were handed over  to Mubarak of Egypt for torture. Portrayed Osama Bin Laden (Rah) and the like as terrorists yet they are the very ones who initiated him and his comrades in what they term as terror acts today.

A commentary on communism by William Blum, Killing Hope; US military and CIA invasions since world war II “Islam having replaced communism as the evil empire.”

  1. Subject their citizens to anti-islam indoctrination.Show them that the dangers of Islam are self-evident. From theKhomenei led revolution in Iran, Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait,to the bombing of the world trade Centre. This is imbibed in their movies, daily paper, on television, and even politicians thrive on it.

Phrase sayings of myopic view and scanty contemplation to the world e.g.‘All terrorists are Muslims but not all Muslims are terrorists.’This can only be accepted by incapacitated brains otherwise, who spearheaded the massacre of Muslims in Mbarara? People like Charles Taylor, Joseph Kony, Alice Lakwena, have they ever been branded as Christian terrorists?Why put Islam on the billboards of terrorism?

  1. They survive on an enemy e.g. the Israelites. These Israelites have differences amongst themselves but the only way of being kept united, is to establish a general enemy to them.


“The enmity among themselves is great. You would think they are united but their hearts are divided.”

  1. Media has been made to demonise Muslims
  • Produce movies like On the sedge, Executive discussion, Enemy of the state; to persuade their citizens believe that Muslims are terrorists and enemy number one. However, the statistics have it that, terror acts and violent crimes in US and Europe are mostly by non-Muslims.
  • Muslims are the likely perpetrators even before law enforcement agencies have identified any suspects. Within an hour of the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, former Congressman Dave McCurdy was on CBS talking about “very clear evidence of fundamentalist Islamic terrorist groups.”The media, including CNN, joined in the fray.Following the capture of an alleged Oklahoma City bomber, the Washington Post, April 22, 1995, carried a story titled “Muslim’s Burden of Blame Lifts” by Laurie Goodstein and Marylou Tousignant. (Enver Masud, 1995)

(Qn: If the burden has been lifted from Muslims, on whom does it fall? On Christians? )

  • When reporting stories of Christians and Jews, the religion is rarely mentioned and they discuss why the culprit did an offence. For Muslims, religion is mentioned and the reader is told the offender is an extremist, fundamentalist or militant.

[Qņ: Can non-Muslim fighters be labeled Christian terrorists? I mean the likes ofCharles Taylor, Alice Lakwena, Joseph Kony, and Edward Rurangaranga (who fueled the Muslim massacre in South Western Uganda1979)]

For the massacre in brief, over 60 Muslims succumbed to death, 27 mosques torched, 45 Muslims houses demolished and Muslims land illegally occupied by the murderers. Justice has never surfaced to date!!!

  • Control media houses like CNN, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, to deliver information they want you to hear. E.g. Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade once said, “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” Fox News’ terrorism “expert” Steve Emerson was caught fabricating the story that Birmingham, England, is closed to non-Muslims. (
  • On 08.March.2015, As the Israel prime minister Netanyahu addressed  America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) members in America, protesters staged a demonstration outside the Washington convention Centre.These were opposed to Netanyahu’s plans of waging wars against Iran and Palestine. Also, an anti-Netanyahu rally drew crowds to the Tel Aviv city. However, such news was notbroadcasted by CNN,BBC  to the world because it was a shame to them. Only Aljazeera, Arabian land and Islamic media organizations gave such information.

The implication to the Muslims is that not whatever is broadcasted on these biased media houses is genuine and worthy of believe.

It should be noted that the Kufar rarely differentiate Islam as religion from the actions of its followers.

When Christians stage armed rebellions, they are guerillas. However, theMuslims are branded as extremists and terrorists? A guerilla group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been in Northern Uganda for over twenty years and claims to be abiding by the ten commandments. Why are they not described as Christian terrorists or extremists?

Yes, there are Muslims who have committed horrible acts in the name of Islam. We Muslims can make the case that their actions are not based on any part of the faith but on their own political agenda.

  1. The UN resolutions serve the interests of America.
  • Boutros Ghali had to resign because US didn’t like him, thus Koffi Anan came in.
  • The UN Security Council passed a resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq and Afghanistan. This contradicts with the UN inaction on long standing disputes e.g.that ofPalestine which is continuing despite passage of the UN resolution. This builds little confidence in less powerful nations when powerful nations possessing nuclear weapons attack weak nations.
  • UN ignored the bloodshed in Rwanda just as US paid a deaf ear to the prevailings of the genocide because there were no opportunities of siphoning petroleum.

US spearheaded the topple of the government of Col: Gaddafi (Rah) of  Libya due to the elaborate chances of oil thefty.

Implication to the reader. The US only intervenes where there is gain not because of the need to defend human rights as it usually claims in its shout outs.

  1. Double standards of justice
  • US used Iraq for 8 yrs. to fight Iran through Ronald Reagan. After this, Saddam became a monster in the Middle East and Israel complained of his weapons of mass destruction. Though UN inspections in Iraq found no evidence of long range missiles (greater than 90miles) permitted by Gulf war cease fire agreement, but America went ahead to attack Saddam.

Execution of Saddam (Rah) on Idd Adhuha, a festive day for Muslims marked by slaughter of animals, symbolizes the hatred of US towards Islam. These tyrants had an upper hand in the fulfillment of the penalty.

NOTE:- According to the Center for Defense Information, No other country is in the same league of military spending as US. Also, no country in the Middle East has more weapons of mass destruction than Israel and no country has escaped scrutiny of its nuclear arsenal as has Israel.

  • During one of the presidential debates of Rosperol, Clinton, and Bush, the latter claimed that Iraqis soldiers invaded some hospital in Kuwait and removed babies from incubators casting them to the floor.

Qņ: If that was a justification for waging war against Saddam, why are monsters like G.Bush and B.Netanyahu behind children’s sufferings in Iraq and Palestine not charged up to date?

  • In Uganda, there was acceptation of the return of the corpseof Apollo Milton Obote but the remains of Field Marshal Iddi Amin Dada (Rah) were rejected to date. There are allegations that Amin’s rule overstepped human rights. Let’s be realistic in our opinions, which Ugandan government has never violated human rights?

A regime characterized by striking teargas canisters to people on walk to work demonstrations,torture of demonstrators, battering of journalists and dismantling their equipments , why should one be segregative andgo by the tunes of the whites?

As if that is not enough isn’t Apollo Milton Obote responsible for the 1966 Mengo massacre? Or can we assume thisbloodshed was aimed at “promoting” human rights? Better find other people to blindfold.

  • Bishop Luwum’s death in the 70’s up to now brings commentaries about Amin’s government. To date there is commemoration of the Bishop’s death.

Muslims had to lose a total of seven Islamic clerics through assassinationsfor Uganda Police to launch serious investigations.According to the Observer of 31.12.2014, Five were slainin 2012 ;Shk. AbduKarim Ssentamu(April.2012) on William street Kampala,Shk.Abubakar Abbas Kiweewa (Kigejjogejjo)(June.2012) at Kisaasi,Shk. Yunus Abubakar Mudungu and Shk. Muhammad Maganda(Aug.2012) at Masjid Umar Bugiri,Shk. Abdul Jawad Sentunga(Sept.2012) Imam of Masjid salaf Namayemba.Two in 2014; Daktoor. AbdulKadir Muwaya (Dec.2014) of Mayuge andShk. Mustapha Bahiga(Dec.2014) of Bwebajja.

Qn:Are Muslims second class nationals in this country?

  1. Start wars in the 3rd world countries to benefit from the natural resources, attain markets for their weapons and acquire allies who aid in acquiring resources and markets. They ignite wars between tribes (e.g. in Sierra Leon, Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda) to depopulate the countries. They sell intoxicants like cigarettes to kill you secretly and it’s a pity that someMuslims smoke it despite being Haram.
  • They propagate means and habits that lead to spread of HIV/AIDS to ensure that there is a pandemic ailment that depopulates the land of the Blacks.
  1. Disseminate the Dajjaal system. Dajjaal means to deceive. CNN is the mouth piece of Dajjaal, IMF is  the economic wing, UN is the political and NATO is the military wing.
  • An Islamic country giving a signature to join UN, World Bank, it’sIslam is incapacitated.


“Those who have turned backas disbelievers after guidance. They say to them,‘we will obey you in part of the matter.’ But Allah knows their secrets”

  • Turkey allowed to join NATO to kill fellow Muslims but not the European Economic Community because of the 67 million population, most of whom are youths. These(hypocrites) are worse than Kufaar.

Some Muslims collaborate with infidels to exert negative impacts and torments upon the Muslims. These are not different from Turkey. It’s quite alarming that some shaykhs are allegedly involved in such. This builds little or no confidence among the mustami’u (followers) of weak faith and meagre knowledge.


“Verily, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depth(grade) of fire”

  • IMF is used to underrate the country’s currency overnighte.g.  when Malaysia complained of an embargo that had been imposed on Bosnia,  Yemen refusal to second  America.
  1. Redefined critical terminologies.
  • Jihad-terrorism
  • Moderate Arab state-apostate regimes
  • Sincere Muslim-fanatic
  • Sharia-barbarism, for Muslims to feel shame of their religion
  • Hypocrite- civilized Muslim
  1. All sincere scholars imprisoned. Those that are not, are on pay roll and preach what they want you to hear. Topics like Shahada, Fiqh, Wala wal Bara are not discussed. Print glossy books to divert you.
  • Wicked scholars pass weird fataawa e.g. fatwa for establishing US militaryin the Holy land.

This is ridiculous, a Kufar army to give security to the holy land of sacred symbols of Islam???


“Oh you who believe take not disbelievers as protectors or helpers or friends, instead of believers”

As a Muslim, there should be a limit in the way you relate to the Kufar. It’s okay to have non-Muslim friends, but don’t  transgress the boundaries of Islam. Some Muslims have ended up with Kufar spouses and I contemplate this verse gets them offside. Why opt for a non-believer as a spouse with the variety of believers?I really wonder what kind of Islamic child upbringing is to be there.

  • My humble appeal to the scholars is to deliver teachings of concrete proof Islam. Please do not convey what you think is to earn you favour from the followers. Come down to lower levels and witness, Muslims practices are a total mess. Muslims characterized by scanty knowledge and very weak faiths!!! First analyse the life styles of people before uttering out a ruling.Reflect back at the  likes of Ibn Abbas, the four great Imams (AbuHaniifa,Shaafi’e, Hanbal and Maalik), in their  spelling out of verdicts to those inquiring. Focus on what suits improvement and upgrading of peoples faiths(Imaan). Wallahu A’lam
  1. No president unless he supports the Jews. During the meeting of Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat, Clinton slightly leaned towards Arafat and next day was the burst of the scandal about Monica Lewinsky. If you don’t tell a lie, they blackmail you.
  2. Keep you hooked on Hollywood movies searching for the latest movies and football which has become a religion.
  • Can you imagine the plenty of leagues you watch. There is Europa league, Barclays premier league,champions’ league, F.A cup, Euro cup, Spanish la liga, club world cup, Italian serie A, Copa de Lere, name it. All this helps them to keep you unaware of the society’s political, economic and social status because if you recognize you will rebel.How often would you concentrate on your Deen when hooked to this?
  • Sops , love stories, Blue movies and Indian movies (e.g. Saati Phere, Lara Camara) on local TV stations. In these, Ideal love is being promoted yet the actors, artists and the so called celebrities record the highest number of failed marriages. It is really fake to have such as role models for the public. It’s  even self-evident that such movies have caused moral degeneration among children and youths and there is a lot of commotion in various families.
  • From movies there has been coping of useless practices like tattooing of bodies, dance strokes(B-boy, Ka-Bicycle, Ballet, etc.),indecent dressing (Kundi-shows, Back-shows,mini-skirts, jeans, leggings and Bikinis ) to expose the body morphology for ‘marketing’ purposes in public.


N.B:- IBN UTHAYMEEN(Rah) was questioned on dressing a girl-child in trouser with a hijaab covering. He refuted such a practice basing on hadith in which the prophet cursedanygentwho puts on lady’s garment, and a who lady puts on gent’s garment.

As a Muslim lady,how do you dare have jeans and leggings on, yet a child was stopped?

It’s really absurd that the renown female Muslim garments, ‘Sharia’ as commonly referred to, were baptized Kufurism. Islamic dressings are meant to reserve one’s modesty, but the clothings are ill-fitting, light and exposing the body ‘hills and valleys’ demoting the females to lower grades.

  1. Aim to depopulate Muslim lands and Africa. Conferences were chaired in Egypt advising girls to delay getting married and first study up to university, use birth control methods, and avoid arranged marriages and rebel against their parents. They say the best marriage is when boy and girl love each other. This has led to increased fornication and adultery cases as well as bastards. No problem with studying up to the university, but it would be better to get married if conditions allow and forego the temptations.

As per the Islamic jurisprudence, the bastards are not meant to inherit property of the ceased father. Don’t blame the Islamic ruling, but condemn yourself for the rank that you established or earned through Zina. In fact, you should shed tears from the bottom of your heart in the courseof asking for forgiveness from Allah.

Sincerely writing, Islam is fair. A product of illicit means can’t have the same rights as that from legal practices.

A number of Muslim elites have beared kids with the Kufar. Moreover through cohabiting.Ofall Muslim bachelors and spinsters, you opt for a Kafir lover, astonishing!!! Imagine  a wife composing her glorification lyrics, won’t your children imbibe them and fail to read swalah in future?. She is a template to your kids and puts on jeans, mini-skirts, leggings, name it and expect your children to wear Hijab!!!

Qn:How do you expect a Kafir mum to impart Islamic practices to your toddlers? Isn’t that day dreaming? It seems we are giving in our religion for worldly benefits.Imagine the kind of Islam we shall have some three, four generations to come.

Food for thought: Is your home grooming an upright Muslim or a scholar for tomorrow?

  1. Promote satanic movements in Muslim lands e.g. Rotary club, Free Manson movement, in which one may be required to demonise his religion. These movements  are agents of Dajjaal.
  2. Promote theory of interfaith. Encouraged by wicked scholars who publish magazines and books discouraging calling Jews and Christians kufaar because they are Abrahamic faiths. An example of such publications is the Nile magazine (can be downloaded as a pdf).

They want Muslim girls to marry kufaar. Don’t want recitation of verses like .


“Verily those who disbelieve from among the people of the scripture(Jews and Christians) and polytheists will abide forever in the fire of Hell”

Should you recite them, they say you are anti-social and not promoting feelings of interfaith

Strictly writing there is a difference between the Muslim and the Kufar. Allah posed a query in the Holy Quran.


“Will you put the Muslims at the same level as evil doers?*What is the matter with you? How judge you?*Or have you a Book wherein you learn”

Where do people collect the guts of equating Muslims to the Kufar, yet Allah is opposing such?

N.B:- Muslims can relate to non-Muslims in aspects of business; constructing hospitals,markets,etc; society meetings or development in general. However, issues to do with worship are distinct and there is a boundary.

-We do not worship what they worship, Nor do they worship what we worship . Thus the conclusion is below


“To you be your religion, and to me be my religion”

  1. Kill the young generation because they are spiritually empty. TV programs, Prostitutes, Homosexuals, are role models for our children and not the swahabas or Salaf Swaleh. These shayaatwin are given awards e.g. MJ, Beyoncé, JLO and Mara donna
  2. Take away moral values and ethicse.g. the famous commit suicide, erotic and murder scenes in movies, taboo things becoming acceptable yet in Islam Spiritually rich are those with Taqwa.


‘Anyone who abstains from dhkir, I shall make sure he leaves a miserable life, I will raise him blind’

  1. Talk shows like of Oprah Winfrey, Rick Lee and dating strategies like Be My Date show  on NTV,  Mystery dates in Daily Monitor of Uganda and Blind datesaim at crimes like adultery, fornication. People brag of these illicit actions.
  2. White supremacy.G8 members allow groups collect funds for Israelites for waging weapons against Palestinians but organizations soliciting for funds for Mujahidin are branded as aiding terrorism.
  • Halloween night celebration. This is a spirits night observed on 31st October in Europe,and  has unfortunately  been copied by the  Africans. The difference between the so called elites and their ancestors who were polytheists is more or less the same. Where are we heading? Copy and paste, then embrace without pondering about what has been brought?At least our ancestors had a sense of reasoning, but we!!!

In 2012, it was honoured by a clique of Ugandans in Jjinja and Bukedde newspaper carried an article tittled “Olunaku lwemizimu Lucamudde abe Jjinja” literally meaning ‘The Spirits Night Thrills Revelers in Jjinja ’

In 2013, Halloween night was observed in Kampala and on 03.Nov.2013, the Observer carried an article “Halloween night takes Kampala by storm” by Felix Eupal . Below is a photo showing how revelers mimic the spirits as adopted from the observer . These are also daughters of human beings, amazing!!!.

  • Some university students of bizarre practices like undressing and doing exercises plus domestic work naked. The cognitive maturity of these, bears a question mark. They see the whites as demi-gods and mistakenly imitate them. Funny large neck fashion blouses are also worn by fashion designers majority of whom are campusers. For long, these clothings have been regarded as misfits but today, it’s quite astonishing to people who understand. It’s a pity that the less educated value citizens at higher institutions of learning not knowing that they underrate themselves. What’s the cause for respecting a person of no dignity in him or her?
  1. Left a problem  wherever they colonizede.g. Kashmir between Pakistan and India, Palestine and Israel, Sudan, Greece and Turkey fight over Cyprus, Uganda central government and traditional kingdoms
  2. Spread non-Divine groupse.g. Ahmadiyyah, Bidi-aat sects, etc. of little or no proper Aqiyda. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the master mind of the Ahmadiyyah ranked himself as a prophet and messiah. The basis of this sect contradicts with the first pillar of Islam, the Shahaada. A proper Muslim bears witness that he believes in Allah and the lastof all prophets, Muhammad (saw). How can one dare come up as a prophet after the seal of Muhammad saw)?

For Bid’aa sects,they observe innovations and new matters which were not of the prophet (saw) and the Salaf Swaleh. Islam is complete and no need of jumping out of bed with new ideas for it.


A’isha (R.a) said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Anyone who introduces an innovation in this affair of ours which is not part of it, it will be rejected.” [Muttafaqun alayhi]


Some Muslims camouflage and have gone ahead to embrace festive days and celebrations meant for the Kufar.

For example Christmas day, Easter/Pasca,New year’s day, Birth days, Valentine’s day, etc. All these have clear rulings and teachings. Muslims actions on such days are checked bythe hadith below.

The Prophet (saw) said: “Whoever imitates people is one of them.” (Ahmad,2/50; Abu Dawood, 4021)

Have it in mind that people you are imitating were declared disbelievers by Allah(s.w) Himself.


“Surely, they have disbelieved who say: ‘Allah is Messiah(Isa), the son of Maryam.”


“Surely, disbelievers are those who said, ‘Allah is the third of the three (in a Trinity).’ ” The trinity in this refers to God the father, God the son and God  the Holy spirit as commonly recited by the Christians.

Here comes the knockoutpunch, from the Qur’an: Allah says: “And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment.” [Al ‘Imran 3:105]

  1. Empowerment and publicizing of the devil worshippers cult, Illuminati, the game of conspiracy.
  • These claim the ‘god’ of the world is Lucifer. The lucifers know the mind control through the music you listen to. Michael Jackson(MJ) was a victim of mind control.
  • Spiritually empty and second immoral acts like homosexuality or Lesbianism Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT). Union of couples is done in churches by priests though it’s contrally to the teachings of their deficient scripture, the Bible.
  • This cult has swallowed the known personalities. Politicians like the late Nelson Mandela of SouthAfrica ; Presidents of America, Ronald Reagan, Bush; Royal family of England, the crown prince William and  queen Elizabeth ; Vibrant Singers like Jay-z, Eminem, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Beyoncé, MJ,and Rihanna ; and Sports men, e.t c
  • Use signs like pyramid eye(this is the key sign), devil horn and the number of the beast (i.e. 666) among others. These signs are portrayed by artists in their music videos.

N.B:-please stop projecting your fingers anyhowly thinking it’s some sort of being swaggerific

  • Churches like New Jersey cathedral USA, Methodist church in Texas USA, Vatican cathedral in Vatican city, Cao Dai church in Vietnam and some hospital in USA have the key sign embedded in their main entrance doors, gates and windows.
  • Photos next from left to right and down are; devils sign hand signal, the number of the beast, eternal flame(you must have seen in some movies), devils pyramid hand symbol, pyramid eye, triple six hand symbol, pyramid eye and finally the Satan hand symbol.


Next, celebrities from left to right and down are; Former US presidents Bush and  Clinton (devil horn sign), Pope Paul 11, Rihanna, Angela Merkel a Germany diplomat, Adolf Hitler, Kanye West ,Beyoncé, a sports man Giant Cruz and Jay-z(Roc sign).

Home work:-Beware of Ugandans accused of being or claiming to be subscribers of this Satanic cult. Try to name them and caution others of them. These Mushrikun worship deities besides Allah and this is Shirk.

These are typical Mushrikun and a Muslim shouldn’t be in admiration of any of them. For Muslims involved in association of partners in the worship of Allah, should have it in mind that Allah will have no compromise for a Muslim who dies in the state of Shirk.


“Verily, Allah forgives not setting up partners with Him, but He forgives whom He wills sins other than that, and whoever sets up partners in worship with Allah, has indeed strayed far away”

In another verse of same first wordings, NISSA 4:48, Allah said, “………….FAQAD FTARAA ITHMAN ADHIYMA”

“………………he has indeed invented a tremendous sin”

Shirk takes one out of the fold of Islam and thus nullifies one’s Islam. Among the seven cardinal sins, it is ranked number one. I have not learned of a major sin worse than Shirk. Thus, distance yourself from it and caution others.Take note of quack shaykhs who apply shirk techniques in the Ruqya therapy.                                                                 Find out the different types of Shirk from a genuine Imam or shaykh.

To safe guard our religion from being corrupted by the NWO catastrophe, we must install the anti-virus software in our programs and these include the following;

  • Force ourselves implement what we learn from Islamic teachings  because it is the only way to Jannah. No religion is known to Allah besides Islam, Other religions won’t be accepted on the day of recompense. Non-Muslims have no proof that they will  ascend to Jannah.


“Truly, the religion with Allah is Islam.”


“And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.


“Verily, those who believe and do righteous good deeds, they are the best of creatures. Their reward with Allah is paradise……..”


“And they say, ‘None shall enter paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian.’ These are their own desires. Say,(O, Muhammad(saw)) ‘Produce your proof if you are truthful.’ ”

  • Seek for credible proof that originates from the Book of Allah, Traditions of the prophet and the recommendations of the salaf Swaleh for whatever is practiced in Islam and distance yourself from Bidi’aa acts like celebration of birthday of the Prophet (saw)[Mauled]. Have credible Islamic scholars from whom you consult the sameway you have a family doctor, engineer, mechanic,etc.
  • Minimise pretense.Muslims tend to be cautious of Islamic teachings in presence of scholars but in absence of scholars they act contrally to Islame.g. hugging, shaking hands, sitting next to non-mahrams, etc.Are you worshipping Allah or the scholars?
  • Seek for knowledge and spread. Propagate Islamic teachings to Muslims and non-Muslims. Non-Muslims can be given literature or audio/video lectures inviting them towards Islam. Muslims lacking Islamic knowledge can as well be donated to Islamic literature. As an individual spread what you know about Islam and sit not back when Muslims are undergoing agony and oppression. Try to find a solution.
  • . Islamise the modernity and not modernizing Islam. Spice Islam in the daily lives and spending of your leisure time.
  1. Avoid watching evangelistic shows and Nigerian movies full of magic. If done perpetually, it erodes one’s Imaan. Due to limited knowledge, the fabricated miracles of pastor so and so will be a cause for Shayaatwin to convince you that there are no miracles in Islam.

Did you know that the Kitaab we read is a healing?, Allah mentions in the Holy Qur’aan,


“And We send down of the Qur’aan that which is a healing and mercy to those who believe”

  1. Let Darasas be part of you and spend not a day without learning something about Islam, listen to Islamic lectures recorded on CDs and DVDs
  2. Search for Islamic literature and lectures from Islamic bookshops and genuine Islamic websites like (


  • Gents should limitdefense of illicit marital relations using (NISSA 4:3). This Ayah is meant for legal marital relations and not Zina (fornication, adultery)
  1. All Muslims should revise their relationships so that they run in line with practices of the Salaf Swaleh and Islamic teachings.

Cohabitation. However much you’ve been togetherfor decades and harvested tens of children, it is not allowed in Islam and regarded as Zina (fornication, adultery).

  1. Acts of seducing and persuading relatives into fornication due to bribes from wicked gents and ladies should be revised. Don’t be taken up by cheap things to disobey your Creator.


“The devil threatens you with poverty and orders you commit evil deeds whereas Allah promises you Forgiveness from Himself and Bounty, Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower

N.B:-Any sex before marriage is illegal. Claiming that you’ll get married afterwards is no reason to defend such illicit relations. No compromise, it’s HARAAM, HARAAM and strictly HARAAM

  • Let’s embrace and support the Da’wa and educative shows on Islamic TV stations (Peace TV ,Islamic Channel ,Al-Jazeera, etc.) and Islamic radio stations (Voice of Africa radios in Africa as in general,107.9 Pearl FM Uganda,etc.)



  • did you know that,Knowing the problem is half a solution?



IBN AHMADAH(Rah) said, “If one is knowledgeable and aware of it, he’s a scholar thus learn from him; If one is knowledgeable and not aware, he’s just forgetful therefore remind him; If one is unknowledgeableand aware of it, he’s a student, help him learn; If one isunknowledgeable and not aware, he’s a Jaahil run away from him because he might give you a blow in the course of explaining to him.”



“…..Say, ‘Are those who know equal to those who know not? ‘It is only men of understanding who will remember(i.e. get a lesson from Allah’s Signs and Verses)”


Last word:I humbly call upon the scholars to study the dilemma of the society and filter the rulings before unleashing what may mislead or guide the followers. Please do, for the betterment of this religion.May Allah grant us understanding and bless us all. Aamin, Aamin, Aamin



  1. Shaykh Abdullah Faisal (Imam Jamaikee), The New World Order: Audio lectures on
  2. Enver Masud (April,1995) The New World Order; THE WAR ON ISLAM
  3. Prof: Abbas Kiyimba, The 1979 Muslim genocide in South Western Uganda;IS THE 1979 MUSLIM BLOOD–BATH IN BUSHENYI HISTORY?
  4. Dean Obeidallah(01.14.2015),Out of proportion. Are all terrorists Muslims? It’s not even close.






Al-kibibi Junior

In a good faith, lets embrace the saying which goes, ‘‘Islamise the modernity but don’t modernise Islam.’’ In other words, don’t compromise your Ddiyn for the sake of this worldly life. For any dress to qualify as islamically legal, it should bear specified qualities and some of these are;

  • Should be long enough to cover your body nakedness as per the Islamic point of view.
  • Should be thick. (Not light or See-through).
  • Should not be tight. (Ill fitting).

Back to the tittle, there are these so called leggingswhich are on rampage among the Muslim fraternity. Guess what, “armings” might be on the way or already on market. A combination of the two shall lead to absolute chaos. At times, they are supplemented by an over cloth (full dress) but on some occasions, you find ladies posing in Punjabis. Surely, these Punjabis might be misleading mankind. Some tight fit the ladies just like leggings do and you really wonder. You find a sister putting on leggings or tight Jeans and then a Punjabi. And it is so outrageous for those who substitute Punjabis with blouses or T-shirts. Have you seen the “beeping breasts” fashion? Hhhmm…hmm, whom are the breasts beeping?

There are instances where the over garment (dress) is ill fitting (tight) putting the entire body morphology (from shoulders to the hips region) on display. But what are you exposing besides Fitinah (temptation)? And you may not even be able to withstand, unless when you have a hidden agenda. Hygienically, if not health wise, tight wear is the cause of stinking for the different body zones. Why? Sweat and other fluids pile there for the whole day and the fresh air that would blow the funny stench from such areas is cut-off, thus an odour wails!!!

There are situations where the over garments are see through and one is forced to ponder over what is prevailing in this Ummah. What are these individuals trying to insinuate into Islam? Sincerely speaking, any Muslim of sober mind keeps wondering and phrasing a number of questions. Is this a new fashion of Hijaab? Is it a sort of dressing being baptised into Islam? Aren’t the top scholars in the country watching this menace? What uniform voice do they have to say on such an astonishing fashion?

There could be sessions where preachers talk about this, but the reality is, we need a uniform voice on this. It seems like teachings on proper dress code were left for some group of shaykhs. One may look at it as exaggeration, but have you been keen enough to analyse the ladies you come across on the streets? At least three out of five (3/5) have leggings if not miniskirts on.

What measures have been taken to curb this among the Muslims? There could be need to sensitise importers of Islamic garments as well. The fortunate side of it is that majority are Muslims. Guess you’ve heard of a fitting sharia as it is normally referred to. Surely, does this garment apply as far as Islam is concerned?

In most cases, the veiling accompanies the quite embarrassing attires so as to baptise the fashion as Islamic. Thanks a lot for the veils MAA SHA ALLAH, but the rest of your attires force an informed Muslim to raise a number of questions.

Aren’t these leggings and jeans subjected to the hadith quoted below?

HADITH: Abu Hurayra (R.A) said, “The Messenger of Allah (S.A.W), cursed any man who wears women’s clothes and any woman who wears men’s clothes.” [Abu Dawud] or[Riyaadh Saliheen, No.1632]

To a bigger extent, they are. Why? Look at the layout of leggings, jeans and the like. You will actually realise that the aspect of the design for these resembles that of a trouser which is a typical masculine garment. Alteration of elasticity and the trademark does not necessarily confer legality to these so-called Leggings.

May Allah guide you and use the hadith below to rectify your dress code otherwise we may need serious incantations for elimination of such an innovation.

HADITH: Abu Hurayra (R.A) reported that the Messenger of Allah(S.A.W), said, “There are two categories among the people of the Fire that I have not seen: people who have whips like the tails of cattle with which they beat people, and women who are both dressed and naked, who are deviant and make others deviant. Their heads resemble the humps of Bactrian camels. They will not enter the Garden nor even smell its scent, and its scent can be discerned at such-and-such a distance.” [Muslim, Book 40 – No.6840]

In Imaam An-Nawawi’s Riyaadh Saliheen, the commentary below was made on the above Hadith;                                                                                                                                          The meaning of “dressed” is having Allah’s blessing and “naked” is lacking thankfulness for it. It is said that it means that they cover part of their body and expose part of it to display their beauty. It is said that they wear thin garments which show the body, “Deviant” means that they decline to obey Allah and what they are commanded to guard. “Making others deviant” means that they teach others to behave like them. It is said that “deviant” actually means to walk in a conceited manner, swinging the shoulders. It is also said that it refers to hairstyle used by prostitutes. “Their heads resemble the humps of Bactrian camels” refers to making them large by turbans and the like.”(A commentary on Hadith No.1633)

It’s a pity that the evils and shameful fashions prophesised in that Hadith have been fulfilled by the Muslims without fear of torments in the Hereafter. A’UUDHU BILLAH.

In conclusion, it would be much more appropriate for the ladies to revive the tradition of wearing undergarments known as Petticoats than resorting to leggings and jeans that compromise their Ddiyn and even dignity as Muslims. Petticoats are there in plenty in boutiques for Islamic wear.

Both gents and ladies should ensure that their garments meet the qualities mentioned in the first paragraph. WALLAHU A’ALAM.

May Allah guide us all and endow us with the right understanding. Aamin, Aamin, Aamin.


Lungujja – Kampala (UG)



Al-kibibi Junior

Al-kibibi Junior

Lungujja – Kampala (UG)

Are Leggings, Miniskirts and all the tight wears genuine supplements to garments or derails to the ladies modesty?
When it comes to dressing, every corner of Uganda has sniffed a scent of indecency. Karamoja region would be exclusive, but in this arena, the natives are the pioneers. The contagious epidemic disease of nudeness to which nobody is concerned, seems to devour every where. Eehh ehh, even centres of worship? And you’ll hear an allegation on the devil.

The cultural institutions are messed up. No one is bothered about the scandalous attires of the subjects. But why would this happen? Even in places regarded as sacred to the monarchies? Naked, I mean half-naked artists and the celebrated leaders that join them on platforms are the worst templates to society.

For the sake of sincerity, tight wear of the sorts of leggings, jeans and the ILL-fitting whatever isn’t sensible dressing. These are typical peelable skins. They do outline one’s morphology beyond imagination. See-through garments are more than just screens. Who cares?

With ladies of the working class, it’s terror. They’ve turned into tempting stalks. They regularly check on fellow workmates by putting on mini-skirts and skimpy dresses that expose their ‘thigh-land’. And you’ve witnessed them struggle to pull down miniskirts so as to cover the already displayed nudity. It’s tremendously stupefying that whenever such people are communicating to gents, they prefer bending over tables and swinging their waists, opposed to proper standing. Whoever glances at them, has the eyes flashed by nasty snaps. No doubt, this is gross seduction. Much sympathy goes to gents. Indeed, they are over tempted. Imagine a company of at least 40-50 % female workers; they’ll compete over who markets better. A variety of figures are put on display. Guess what, even figures meant to be hidden in blanket-like attires are exposed!!! After all, nobody cares.

Unlike for the males, females are known to shower daily. However, there are those you’ll find stinking. It’s simply because the tight wear keeps sweat and other fluids piled in that particular zone. The fresh air that would blow the area regularly for the whole day is cut-off. Consequently, a horrible stench does the ululation. But who cares?

Some grownups, I mean aged ladies, are nuisances to this nation. What is it that they missed in the youthhood and would want to achieve through tight wear this late? They allow age mates of their children to estimate the size of their organs!!! What is it with leggings? And for disciplined ladies who direct not their offsprings on appropriate wear are doing a disservice to the upcoming generation. Unfortunately, some parents have no moral authority to guide children.

Last week on Namirembe road, I witnessed drama of a woman (dressed in a beeping style) walking down town with her daughter (about 10 yrs old). Two men by the roadside whistled and then called out to her “Ggwe Ddeemu Leeta Wano Ekitone”. I speculate shortage of English terms to exhaustively translate this. Another one approached her from the back, tapped and lamented on her butt. Like a furious roaring lion, she instead diverted the temper to her daughter. Thumped her for gazing at what isn’t her concern and ordained speeding up. Whoever, cared rotated his/her head perplexedly. A one courageous lady counterblasted and fired retaliating insults, probably on behalf of the oppressed girl.

The question is, if mummy attracts men to approach her lousily, how will she help save the child from such? All the rotten despicable conduct lies before the child’s sight and she’s learning as well. In case such a daughter engages in funny affairs, will the mother be in position to guide or blame? Besides pretence, surely is there a locus standi for such a parent to offer the needful?

With the Anti-Pornography Bill of 2013, the ethics minister seemed to have vigour of banning miniskirts though later on retracted his remarks. He might have done so, probably basing on the hierarchical threats or political grounds. However, there is need to re-amend the bill if sanity of this country is to be restored. Leave alone the multi-possessed guitarists who wickedly opposed it. Believe it or not, the appealing dressing contributes to the rate of wenching and spread of STI’s especially among opportunists. And there are higher chances of non-safe sexual intercourse. In fact, this re-branded form of prostitution further explains why prostitutes dress appetizingly.

Shameful wear never renders one worthy a spouse or partner, rather a potential material fit for dumping. Who admires to be junk? Hey, let’s be Africans objected to the wicked lifestyles.
It’s only in this era of discrepancies when some Ugandans are quite astounding. In 2007, a lady masterminded the anti-Mabira giveaway riot. In 2012, ladies undressed before police protesting its assault arrest of a one so-called activist. Just last year, female politicians demonstrated and criticised police for stripping some madam. After all that, the Mabira giveaway project was put on a halt and for the rest of the scenarios, the Police had to apologise.
With such human resource that sounds effective, why is it just staring at the indecency in the country? Isn’t indecency demeaning the feminine gender? Surely, is the feminine dignity reserved? Some politicians have turned to be number one enemies to Ugandans. Apart from a few, majority never guide citizens where they go wrong. Why do they do this? First of all, it’s because votes are a priority. Secondly, a clique of them are somehow immoral and on certain occasions dress weirdly. This clarifies why they are not in position to contradict with their typical lifestyles. And thus, we’ve tomorrow’s generation buried too early. Who cares?

May be, some theory shall have to be adopted and it goes, “Any sort of deliberate nakedness is holy but once the police is involved, it’s obscene!”Aargh…aargh, what a pity for our motherland Uganda!
In conclusion, the suggestion would be, if the government and police responded accordingly to the above incidents, why don’t we, as blacks whose cultures emphasise decency, petition the parliament to table a bill on dress code?

Our Sheikhs are not safe – National Mosque Imam


The Deputy Imam of the National Mosque Shk. Juma Ali Shiwuyo has expressed deep concern over the continued targeting of prominent Muslim clerics all over Uganda especially as the country prepares for Presidential and general elections.

Sheikh Ali Shiwuyo raised the concern while delivering the Khutubah/sermon for last Friday’s Juma Prayers at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala.

He specifically urged the police leadership to treat the issue of targeting and trailing Muslim clerics as a matter of priority.

“I call upon all those responsible for the safety of Ugandans to ensure that our Sheikhs are safe” Sheikh Ali said.

The Imam also called upon those who lost in the just concluded NRM primaries (Kamyufu) to concede defeat noting that leaders are chosen and removed by Allah.

“The NRM primaries have taught us that however rich or powerful you are, if you do not serve the people, Allah has the power to replace you with another leader using any means” said Sheikh Ali.

He thus called upon Muslims not to rebel against leaders but to pray for them and obey them because they are leaders by the will of Allah.

The Juma prayers were led by Sheikh Hussein Rajab Kakooza, the first Imam of the National Imam.

His Eminence the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje and Hon. Issa Kikungwe were part of the congregation.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba

Public Relations Officer

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council

Tel: 0701409504 or 0772409504




Hajji Kibirige

Hajji Kibirige

By Hajji Nsereko Mutumba

Hajji Salongo Hassan Kibirige was born on November 18th 1918 at Kayini in Kasawo – Gombolola Mutuba 6 (Sub County), Ssaza Kyaggwe (County) current Mukono District.

His parents were; Haji Musa Kakande Magala, a prominent landlord in the areas of Kawempe and Bwaise who belonged to the Ngeye clan and Princess Fatuma Kyobula.

His father and mother died when he was 6 and 8 years old respectively. He had one brother and two sisters.

Hassan Kibirige never acquired secular education. He was however well grounded in Islamic knowledge which he learnt from prominent clerics like Sheikh Kassim Ssemwanje and Sheikh Islam Kulumba among others. He first acquired Islamic lessons in Nakanyonyi (Naggalama).
Despite the fact that he never acquired formal secular education, he knew its importance and educated all his children to university levels. However, before he passed on, he had learnt some English from Prof. Umar Kasule, one of his sons.

In 1943, he married his first wife Hamiida Nalweyiso (the late) of Lugave clan. He nicknamed her ‘Kabiite’ meaning the dear one.
He later married Asiyati Nanziri (the late), Mayimuna Nabagereka and Jane Nannozi.

Haji Kibirige had 22 children, 13 daughters and 9 sons plus many grand children including Brother Abbey Semuwemba, the founder of the popular Uganda at Heart and Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters online platforms.

Thirteen of his children are medical doctors while others have master’s degrees and PHDs in various disciplines. In total, there are over 70 degree holders among his off springs i.e. children, grandchildren and great grand children).

Haji Kibirige never took his children to Kindergarten. He instead used this period to groom his children at especially in morals, hard work and Islamic/Quran studies. From home, they went straight to Primary one. He however never took his children to boarding schools until they reached the secondary level.

He visited his children both in local and foreign schools to check on their progress and to moral ‘boost them’. As a result, he visited several countries including United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and several Arab Countries.

In addition to being a strict disciplinarian, Haji Kibirige was a jovial person with a sense of humour. His grandchildren always jumped at an opportunity to spend time with him.

His strongest weapon against indiscipline was constant reference to the Holy Quran and Hadith. His cane rarely came out.

He enjoyed sweet things and according to those who were close to him, he was a great lover of ice cream and sweet foods like sweet potatoes, Pumpkins, sweet bananas, Gonja and pawpaws among others.
He enjoyed sharing meals with others and he was very hospitable to visitors. As a result, his home was always full of life.


Haji Kibirige teamed up with his colleague Ali Musisi and they established Kamuli Muslim Primary School. When the school gained prominence with Haji Kibirige as the Chairman PTA, he approached the then Senior Education Officer Haji Ramadhan Gava (the late) from the Ministry of Education and requested for a secondary school. His request was granted.

He was one of those who started Seguya Memorial Technical School in Bugerere. He was involved in the planning, construction and its opening in 1989.

Haji Kibirige played a key role in the establishment of Kangulumira Coffee growers in Kisega Bugerere. When the cooperative was in place, he was requested by his fellow directors to serve as a factory Manager. He later rose to the position of Managing Director, a position he served for 35 years.

He served as a PTA member for Kibuli Senior Secondary School and later as the Chairman PTA.

In 1967-70, Haji Kibirige served as Owe Ssaza Kasujju in Busujju County.

He also served as Owe Ssaza Luwekula in Mubende country from 1970-73.

Haji Kibirige also served as a Gombolola (Sub County) Chief for Bulera in Musaale – Singo.

He once served King Mutesa II’s Ssaza (County) council representative in Nabweru Sub-county; Kyadondo County.

He was one of those given the responsibility to look after the children and properties of Haji Musa Kasule of Wandegeya.


Cattle Trader
Haji Kibirige began as a cattle trader. He used to buy cows from Nakasongola and sold them in Kampala. He however gave up trading from Nakasongola after one of the cows he had bought knocked him and left him with serious injuries. He resorted to buying cows from around Kampala and selling them to abattoirs.

Haji Kibirige was a very successful farmer. In the 1960s, he bought a large piece of land in Bugerere (over 80 acres). He grew coffee, Cotton, bananas and pineapples. By the time of his passing, he had 10 acres of eucalyptus trees. In 2009, he planted 200 eucalyptus trees.
He once had a farm of 200 Frisian cows and 600 local cows. His neighbours nicknamed him ‘mulaalo’ meaning a cattle keeper.

Transport Business

Haji Kibirige had buses that operated in Kayunga, Kangulumira in Bugerere and Jinja in Busoga. He later bought Lorries that were used by the Coffee Growers Union.

He had several other vehicles but these were strictly for business. He used public means for most of his travels. He however preferred the front seat whenever he opted for a ride in his cars so that he could give instructions to whoever was driving.
In all his businesses, he employed many people and supported many Islamic projects.
Haji Kibirige had buildings in Kawempe, Kisenyi, Bwaise and Mengo.

During his leisure time, Haji Kibirige used to go hunting for Guineafowls (enkofu).

He stopped hunting after some time but he kept his hunting guns and paid for their licenses until his death.

Haji Kibirige was not a fun of politics but being a rich and prominent figure, he never escaped the torment of dirty politics. He lost some of his children and he was almost killed together with his wife in 1995 under suspicious circumstances.

Dedication to Islam
Haji Kibirige was highly dedicated to his religion. He established regular prayers, paid zakat, gave swadaka, performed Hajji, recited the Quran and prayed for the dead on a regular basis. He contributed generously to Islamic causes both materially and morally.

Tribute from One of his Grand Children
Brother Abbey Semuwemba started living with Haji Hassan Kibirige when he was 7 months old, following the death of his father. He described him as follows;
“This man loved almost everybody in his family and cared for all those he met in his life. Though I was nicknamed ‘Sukali wa Haji’ (Haji Kibirige’s sugar) by our grand mum, I believe Haji loved all of us equally. I only had a special connection with him because I saw him as my model in everything”.

“May Allah forgive him for whatever went wrong, bless him with light and grant him paradise. To Allah we come and to him we return” Concluded Haji Hassan Kibirige’s cherished grandson Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba.

Haji Kibirige’s friends
He had many friends but among them, the following were very special;

Al Haji Musa Kasule of Wandegeya
Bumaali Kasule – his uncle who took care of him following the death of his father Haji Musa Kakande.
Prince Badru Kakungulu – gave him a piece of land after excelling in Quran competitions.
Eriasafi Kiguba – the one who advised Haji Kibirige to take his children to secular schools (Amasomero gabazungu).

Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu the E.C Chairperson and the late Haji Sulaiman Kiggundu the Former Governor Bank of Uganda and Founder of Greenland Bank hold special position in the Kibirige family having married Hajat Nuliat Babirye and Hajat Rehmah Kibirige Kiggundu respectively – both daughters to Haji Kibirige. Other prominent in-laws to the Kibirige family are Haji Abbas Kawaase the long serving headmaster of Kibuli S.S who married Sophia Kibirige and Haji Juma Sebuliba of Union who married Lukiya Kibirige.

In conclusion, we see Haji Hassan Kibirige as an educational zealot, an activist who loved his King, a patriot who loved and cherished his nation, a disciplinarian who cared for the welfare of his family and finally an accomplished revolutionary.

So thumbs up for Haji – I mean brother Abbey Semuwemba for having a heroic Grandfather. Hon. Haji Basaalirwa, don’t get me wrong, I do not mean the other thumb of.

Indeed Haji Hassan Kibirige is a hero though unsung.

Wait for part two.



Kiyaga and his wife, Kasimu muguluma and the Kabaka's Rep from Kampala at the conference

Kiyaga and his wife, Kasimu muguluma and the Kabaka’s Rep from Kampala at the conference

Abbey Semuwemba and other members of the Uganda Community in Leeds attended the Buganda Conference of Ugandan Community in Manchester (UCOMM) on Saturday 14 November,2015 to celebrate the appointment of Mr. Enock Kiyaga as Buganda’s Representative in North East England. The speeches part of the conference was followed by a delicious Ugandan meal, paper political quiz, poems by children, giving gifts and dancing!

Abbey won the quiz contest and he was given the biggest prize of the day: 7 tins of paint, kitchen items and other decorations.

Abbey also met a few of the members of the Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters(UMBS) at the conference including the leader of the Muslim community in the UK,Kasimu Muguluma, and the husband to the chairman of the UCOMM. Kasimu was also recently appointed as one of the Kabaka’s representatives in the London.

The late Dr.Kiwanuka of Manchester was honored at the conference by presenting a certificate to his wife and children for his contribution towards the community and his country Uganda. Sheikh Kalantani gave a background speech about the late Kiwanuka.

‘I one time went to visit him at his house while he was sick but he told me to go back and bring the kids. He told me that its important that our kids get to know one another before his death.He said that he would like Allah to give him at least 3 more months to enable him to teach his kids the quran…… And after 3 months, that’s when he died’, Sheikh Kalantani said.

”Dr.Kiwanuka had started up a scholarship to sponsor one medical Uganda student every year, but it ended with his death,” Kalantani added.

Abbey Semuwemba at the UCOMM conference

Abbey Semuwemba at the UCOMM conference

In his own words, Abbey said:’All the speeches were awesome particularly that of the UCOMM chairperson’s. I think Ms.Rehema Kawooya is today’s best model for aspiring Uganda women chair ladies in the UK.She combines a take-charge persona with engaging spontaneity and zest for life……. Notice to all Men, wake up and smell the Coffee.”

UCOMM is a charity started by Ugandans living in Manchester and it is committed to promoting the general well-being of all beneficiaries who are of Black and Minority Ethnic groups. Mr. Enock Kiyaga works as its secretary while Rehema works as its chair person and she is the only Muslim on its executive.



There was a man named `Abdullah who loved Allah and His Messenger so much that the Prophet (peace be upon him) had to declare about him:

“Indeed, he loves Allah and His Messenger.” (Al-Bukhari)

This man named `Abdullah so loved the Prophet (peace be upon him) that he used to delight in presenting the Prophet with any delicacy that came to Madinah, so when any merchant caravan arrived with something like butter or honey, he would take it for him as a gift.

Later, when the seller demanded payment, `Abdullah would bring the seller to the Prophet and say: “Give this man its price.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) would then say: “Didn’t you give it to me as a gift?”

`Abdullah would say: “Yes, O Messenger of Allah; however I cannot afford to pay.”

The two of them would laugh together and then the Prophet (peace be upon him) would have the merchant paid.

This was the type of close and jovial relationship that `Abdullah and the Prophet had with each other.

It remains to be said that `Abdullah was an alcoholic.

He would often become so drunk that he had to be brought staggering through the streets before the Prophet (peace be upon him) to be sentenced for public drunkenness, and each time, the Prophet would rule to have the prescribed punishment carried out. This was a common occurrence.

After `Abdullah had departed from one of these all too frequent sentencings, one of the Companions said about `Abdullah: “O Allah curse him! How often he is summoned for this!” The Prophet (peace be upon him) rebuked that Companion, saying:

“Do not curse him, for I swear by Allah, if you only knew just how very much indeed he loves Allah and His Messenger.” (Al-Bukhari)

He then added:

“Do not help Satan against your brother.”

We can learn a lot from the Prophet’s attitude.

We should reflect first upon the close and affectionate relationship this Companion enjoyed with the Prophet (peace be upon him), in spite of this Companion’s shameful fault.

Though the Prophet (peace be upon him) was who he was, it did not prevent him from relating to `Abdullah in a familiar manner, of being his friend, and joking with him.

Salam TV Revives Islam in Uganda


In fulfillment of a longstanding dream, Muslims in Uganda have launched the country’s first-ever Islamic television channel, with the hope that it will ignite a revival of their faith subsequent to years of Muslim voices being silenced in mainstream media.Despite having several Islamic radio stations in the country, the demand for an Islamic TV channel had intensified over the years.The dream came to fruition on June 10, 2015, just before Ramadan, when Muslims in Uganda were treated to the news of the first ever Islamic television programming in the country.

In the photo is– L-R Al-Hajji Abdul Karim Kalisa the Managing Director Salam TV and Shaban Menya the head of Daawah.After launch of the Islamic TV channel, Kalisa led a campaign to refurbish the oldest Qur’an school in the country, known as Lukalu, which was founded in the Butambala District in Central Uganda.Since then organizers have collected over $141,000 through fundraising, and construction is now on the horizon.

The TV channel and Qur’an school were urged to restore the true image and teachings of Islam in Uganda.

Islam was introduced to Uganda by Arabs to King Ssuuna II of Buganda in 1884, which influenced use of words such as Kalaam (Pen), Kitab (book), Swabun (soap) and Sukar (sugar).

Bayern Muslim Players Refuse Glasses of Beer


Two Muslim players in German football giants Bayern Munich have refused to hold glasses of beer in a promotional photoshoot earlier this week, holding onto their religious beliefs.

In the photo, Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola joined his players in holding a glass of beer while donning traditional lederhosen, Daily Mail reported.

The only exceptions were French Muslim mid-fielder Frank Ribery and Moroccan Mehdi Benatia who refused to hold beer in their hands.The players refrained from posing with the alcoholic beverage as it goes against Islamic religious beliefs.

The photoshoot came as part of the German club’s sponsorship deal with Paulaner brewery after the team won its first two Bundesliga matches.

Turkey Appoints First Hijabi Minister


Making history in Turkey, a veiled Muslim academic woman has been appointed as the first hijabi minister in the secular country, AFP reported on Saturday, August 29.

Aysen Gurcan, a 52-year-old academic, was appointed yesterday to be the minister in charge of family and social policies in the provisional government of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu that will run the country until November 1 elections.

Gurcan, a mother of three, is a member of the board of the Foundation for Youth and Education (TURGEV).

Davutoğlu submitted the composition of the new government to Erdoğan at 7.10 p.m. local time.

Since Tuesday, the prime minister has been making efforts to form a provisional government that will run Turkey until early election is held on Nov. 1.

Rwandan Pastor, Congregation Revert to Islam


In one of the largest reversion cases of Christians to Islam, a Rwandan pastor and his entire 480-member congregation have reverted to Islam, as the world fastest growing religion expands its presence in the African continent.

According to several media reports, Salim Mikdad, a former pastor, reverted to Islam after being convinced into it by Muslim scholars, Nigeria Watch reported.

Later on, he managed to convince his entire 480-member congregation to take a similar decision last August 25.After switching their faith, the church was turned into a mosque.

The latest incident comes amid a series of similar conversions in Rwanda.

Being a predominantly Christian country, Rwanda has seen a gradual rise in its Muslim population.

About 56.9% of Rwandans are Roman Catholic, 26% are Protestant, 11.1% are Seventh day Adventist and only 4.6% are Muslim, most of them being Sunni.

1450 Revert to Islam in Dubai


More than one thousand Dubai residents of different nationalities have reverted to Islam this year at the Islamic Information Centre of the Dubai government-run Dar Al Ber Society, hundreds of who took the decision during Ramadan.According to figures released by the Islamic Information Centre of Dar Al Ber Society (Dabs), 1460 people from across different nationalities reverted to Islam this year.

Al Junaibi said that the Dabs will introduce genuine teachings of Islam through an array of 2,213 lectures and 729,689 CDs on Islam.

Moreover, the society has successfully ran 223 lectures and classes for visitors while hundreds of truth seekers flock to the centre on a daily basis.Welcoming interested visitors on a daily basis, the Islamic Information Centre runs a variety of activities and courses to new Muslims and foreign community children as advised in the Qur’an.Established more than 20 years ago, Dar Al Ber Society centre has witnessed the reversion of 20,000 from 200 different nationalities to Islam.

According to Dar Al Ber Society, about 2,115 people reverted to Islam in 2013.



Asalaam Alaikum,

As an education expert, let me tell you frankly, for you to achieve your primary objective you need to take your children in a school with a good learning environment. Actually why many children hate and run away from studying their deen is the harsh treatment they go through. Studying under harsh conditions (i.e. under a tree or grass thatched classrooms and eat rotten beans) have made children hate studying be it their deen or secular.

For now let us help schools improve in all areas and let the Muwalims (religious) teachers enrol for training programs that will bring them to reality. We should by now be having an integrated curriculum where the child is learning secular together with religion. I will give a simple example here. Imagine you are teaching counting to a 5-6 year old and you begin counting from 1-5 there are many things under our deen that can match those numbers i.e. 1 = To Allah is Alone, 2 =Swalat Subhi is of two rakas, 3= Magreeb is of three rakas, 4 Zuhr, Asr and Isha are of 4 rakas each, 5 = there are five swalas/five pillars in islaam. You can even turn this into a rhyme. This way a child is learning counting which is secular and also learns his religion swala, and the pillars. Tell me do we need a secular teacher to come in and teach counting and after 80 minutes you bring another teacher to teacher the types of swala? So this calls for our training institutions to equip teachers to be of a double edged sword so to speak. The current situation is that we work in silos and we make people think that there is a disconnect between religion and secular. That kind of thinking is medieval and not modern.

The practice of beating children almost to death because they have failed to bring out the proper Arabic letter sound is out dated. If you don’t want comfort you are doomed and you will not get what you want. The schools which are succeeding today like LUKMAN, TAWHEED only to mention a few visit and see the level of comfort children get.
You got it from Kiboko? That was a wrong practice and we should desist from thinking even saying that our children should be brought up in the same way we were brought up. Things have changed my dear. Let them learn their deen in the best way possible.

I still insist let us have a study by experts.

Shafique sekalala via Uganda Muslim Brothers and Uganda Muslim Brothers & Sisters



Assalam Alaikum brothers and sisters,

My intention was and still is to get a school that will help my children attain the basic Islamic education as a primary objective as well as secular studies (Secondary). I would like my child to know how to read the Quran and start early memorization, read and write Arabic at an early age. I had the privilege to get this basic Islamic education at an early age and have come to realize its importance in my middle life. I wouldn’t like my child to start these important learning when they are already in Secondary level.For instance a senior one student starting to learn the Arabic alphabet. I have even seen some starting that at University level. You the parent is to blame not the educationist because you are more concerned about your childs dunya than Akhira. How much of this knowledge do you think that student will absorb when he leaves university. Will it really be of much help to him?. I cant take pride in that being a parent.

Comfort was really not on my list.If i can get a school that can offer that, then i will not mind taking my child there even if they read under a tree or grass thatched classrooms and eat rotten beans. Our former generations managed to pass this knowledge to us through the harshest of conditions and now we are more concerned about what our children eat and what kind of mattress they sleep in. Some of us got it through Kiboko but looking back now i cant complain. We are doing disservice to them if we take comfort as a primary issue.

Im not looking backward. I need to have my child know who he is and for what purpose he was created. We already have enough secular institutions being it owned by Muslim proprietors or others. The child will miss a lot if i start with that. He will catch up with that since its already available.

My advice to parents is always to clarify their intentions when making decisions in regards to their children education. If you had the privilege to get Islamic education then you already know the importance. If you were unlucky, then don’t pass that to your Kids.

The educationists and shuyukhs have a much higher responsibility and burden to ensure that the Deen does not get eroded by the secular environment we are in. At the end of it all if you cannot pass that knowledge, then you will be alone when you are questioned what you did with that knowledge you are given.

Lets all work together to make sure that our children grow up into quality muslims.

Thank you all

‘husni mubarak’ via Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters



Bino kangezeko obiwandika mu Luganda oba oli awo banabitegela bulungi. Nze newunya abasomeza eddini obusungu gyebabujja nga batusomesa. Nze ayangoba mukibina kyoluwarabu nga ate mwatu nali ndwagala nyo ye Seka eyali tasubila nti omwana asobola okutuka mu senior nga ne alufu emu bweti tagiwulilangako. Okunkuba kumpi kunfilako kyangoba mukibina kye. Ela sadayo. Mwatu nanfiliza okuyiga oluwarabu. Yeyo ensomesa embi gyetutamanyi gyeyava nga ate ensiga kubela mu masomelo gafe agabasilamu. Nina obusungu nyini eli abo ebewana okuba abaana babanabwe kiboko. Ate bwosanga omuzadde awagila okuba omwana we kibo nokumutulugunya mbu olwo lwayiga simanyi mutulaba oyo omuzadde mwe muteka. Kilabika omwanawo akulemeledde, kiwaji kati oyagala ononya Ana mukukwatilako. Hahaha hahaha!!! Ate ela nga omanyi nti oyina mutwala musomelo lilinga komela. Ela mukulabako nga lyesomelo elisomesa eddini. Hoooooo hooooo! What a terrible stereotype!!!! Naye ate ayinza okuba nga mutufu mundowoza ye. Tulabye nyo.

1. Senga okuba nokutulugunya abaana kwe kwali okubagunjula senga abaana bebayisa mu mbela embi senga bebasinga banabwe mubibina. Naye si bwekitela okuba.

2. Omwana asiba kumigo awaka ela atulugunyizibwa si ya tela okusinga mukibina. Abamutulugunya baba bamukotogedde. Babi eyo research gyekolele. Eka taata abela polisi, ate esomela nelibela ekomela. Omwana abela mumbela eyo bwetyo akonziba obuwongo bwaba tafuse Kondo. The child does not reach his or her full potential because of the constraining and unfriendly environment. Ekyo kiganye mu Luganda. Naye kansubile nti kitegelekeka mululimi olufutifuti.

3. Ye abafe senga okutulugunya kwekwali okugunjula senga fe abaana bomudugavu senga fe twasoka okugenda ku mwezi. Naye sibwekyali. Gye batatulugunya baana bebatusoka kumwezi, bebazula kompyuta, bebazula nedagala eliweweza ku bulwadde bwa silimu. Kyoka nga ate fe silimu basinga okuluma tunabako kyetugunjudde kitegelekeka. Okujako kutuntuza baana buli olukya. Kitegeze obo abetwala okuba abategela enyo nebatukaba emigo nokutulugunya nga tukyali bato batukotogela kinene nyo.

4. Violence can only beget violence. Eno ensomesa yafe embi yatuletala ebizibu nekataga. Mazima nosoma mumawulile nolaba nebifananyi nga abasajja abobuvunanyizibwa bafunyiza empala nekanzu balwana. Nti ekibalwanya ki; nti oli mushiya nti ate oli musuni? Abalala obowulila kulwanila ofisi zebatanatukamu. Banange tuswala. Ela twakowa. Bwotunulila abantu abokola ebintu ebilinga ebyo notunulila negyebabagunjulila tolemwa kumamya nti babakuba nga migo nakubatulugunya mbu babasomesa.

5. Sebo gwe ayagala omwana wo bakube nga engoma, bamulise kawukumi, bamusuze nga ayimilidde, mbu ononya ddini genda maso, kyoyogala ojjakukifuna.

Fe abaana bafe twagala balye bulungi, basule bulungi, mubitanda omutali biku, ate simukalina za bitanda (tripple decks). Banange mutulugunya abaana nebatuka nokukyawa enkanzu. Ekanzu nebatuka nokugivuma nti “obukanzu kanzu”. Hi mulimba nyo namwe!!! Eyo ensomesa yamwe oyokutulugunya abaana ya kijahiliya ela yadiba dda nyo. Nomubaka teyakubako mwananomu yade oluyi oba engolo. Ela teyakubako musilamu yena luyi nti amusomesa kigambo kya ALLAH.

Kati mwe emigo no kutulugunya mwakujjawa??? Tudde kunkola yomubaka eyensomesa enungi. Mwagaze abaana bafe eddini. Egyo emigo gye mubakuba tegiba gunjula okujako okubafula ebemputu nokunywa omwenge kumpi kufuka balujuju. Anti bambi omuto bwafuna akaganya abalowoza nti bwananywa omwenge ajakuba alumye Seka we “bukanzu kanzu” eyamukuba nga emigo. Babuwe kumbe omwana aba yeyona yeka na yeka. Naye lwaki muba mutusa abaana ba banamwe kwekyo??????

Stop child torture and neglect. There is not a single religion that teaches child abuse and neglect. On the contrary all religions teach to handle children with kindness and love.

Naye abaana bobusilamu mwagala bakuliza munaku, mukutya nakubonabona awamu nekyo nga ate bakadde babwe besobola bulungi ela nga sente bayina.

Bwe twogelako nga mutulangila nti tuzimbe amasomelo gafe. Abaana ba Uganda bona bali mumasomelo gamwe? Mwedeko namwe. Musomese abaana bafe mu nsomesa enungi.

Mpuzinka nga gamba nti temutulugunya baana bafe. Ekibina kyomubaka kibina kilunji nyo. Sikyekyali sanye otutulugunya nokutunza abaana……


Remembering Sheikh Asumani Rwakaikara Kiribedda Adyeeri: the father to Hon. Hood Katuramu and Haji Ishaqa Magezi


By Haji Nsereko Mutumba

Sheikh Asumani Kiribedda Adyeeri was born in 1903 at Rwano, Bunyangabu County – present day Kabarole District. His birthplace was and is still is the kingdom of Tooro.

He was the son of Mubuya. Mubuya was the son of Kahiigwa. Kahiigwa was the son of Kizige. Kizige was the son of Ndyanabo and Ndyanabo was the son of Rubongonya. He belonged to Baranzi clan.

His mother was Kabulingeya.

He had seven siblings; Juma Munyonyi, Yunus Mukunya, Byabanyagi, Byefeera Afuwa, Mariam, Zainab Bujune and Bagada.

At the time of his death on 19th April 1978, he had 30 children; 20 male and 12 female. He was survived by three widows; Asia Nakatte, Hairat Nalumansi and Yudaya Banura Nalongo. The number of his off springs including children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren, is more than 200.

His eldest child now deceased was Ibrahim Nduuru and the youngest was Abdu-Swamad Ruhinda. He was a father to two members of parliament namely late Haji Abbas Balinda and Hon. Hood Katuramu. Haji Abbas Balinda was the speaker of the Ishengyero of Ankole (Parliament). Also among his children is the retired senior civil servant Haji Ishaqa Magezi who rose through the ranks and reached the level of Acting Provincial Governor in the 1970s. He retired at the rank of Undersecretary in the government of Uganda. He also served as the Chairperson UMSC Electoral Commission.

Conversion to Islam

Sheikh Kiribedda’s was born a non-Muslim. And indeed there are many surviving non – Muslim relatives of Shk. Kiribedda.

Kiribedda and all his immediate siblings and other close relatives converted to Islam in their infancy. Kiribedda’s conversion to Islam is closely associated with one man Ali Bikwalira popularly known as Kimunyiine. Kimunyiine is known to have fled from Muyenga Kampala through Bunyoro, Tooro and eventually settled and died in Kabwohe Sheema District. His grave is located in the vicinity of Kabwohe main Mosque.

Sheikh Kiribedda was buried in this same grave yard.

During his flight, Bikwalira met Byefeera Afuwa (BIBI) – Shk. Kiribedda’s elder sister and married her. On marrying Kiribedda’s sister, Bikwalira became a Muslim.

It was easy for him to embrace Islam because he associated with the Muslims who had fled to Bunyoro who taught him basic Islamic knowledge.

Bikwalira was a charismatic trader who moved many places doubling as a Muwalimu (Islamic Teacher). This made him fairly popular in the then Ankole and Tooro regions.

In Kabwohe, there was a Muwalimu called Abdallah Kuwala who was retiring back to his place of origin (Buganda). There was a search for his replacement and Bikwalira came in as the most suitable replacement thereby settling in Kabwohe.

On settling in Kabwohe with her husband, AfuwaByefeera invited her siblings who all came and converted to Islam. She did not produce any children so she brought her sister and cousin sister to join her as co-wives in her husband’s home.

This had the effect of cementing the bond between the Kamunyiine and Kiribedda families.

Rwakaikara a.k.aKiribedda was the youngest of the siblings of Afuwa. It is said that at the time he migrated Rwakaikara (Kiribedda) was carried on the back owing to his young age.

Kimunyiine spotted, groomed and schooled him in Islamic teachings. He was named Kiribedda in anticipation that one day, he would become a man to reckon with. He further sent him to study in a Madrasa run by Shk. Juma Kyejo.

On return from the Madrasa, Kamunyiine induced him into the leadership roles and eventually, when Kimunyiine died, it was not difficult for him to take over the leadership mantle.

His Leadership Role

Sheikh Kiribedda’s debut in leadership came when Kimunyiine ceded his “Obuwalimu” (Muslim leadership title) to him even before he died.

At that time, Kabwohe had become an important Muslim center. Kiribedda later rose to ‘Omukuluw’Etwale’ (County Sheikh) and eventually the District Kadhi.

The earlier period of the 20th century was characterized by the Juma-Zukuli divisions among Muslims. Sheikh Kiribedda belonged to the Juma sect and was the de facto leader or kadhi with jurisdiction over Ankole and Kigezi.

His counterpart for the Juma Zukuli sect was Shk. Ahmad Male. By this time, Shk. Kiribedda had improved his knowledge of Islam through close association with leading Muslim clerics of the Juma sect; notably Abdallah Sekimwanyi, Ahmad Nsambu, Zaid MugenyiAsooka and Obeid Lutale.

In order to consolidate and assert his position, he sent his son Abbas Balinda to be taught by Shk. Zaid Mugenyi Asooka in Ngando Butambala. Later on however, at the behest of ow’Ekitinisa KesiNganwa who was heading Kabwohe Church of Uganda Primary School, he was called back to embark on secular education.

In 1943, Shk. Kiribedda performed his first Hajj. He and Shk. Male were among the 60 people who compromised the 10th cohort of people from Uganda to go for Pilgrimage. The two were the first Muslims to perform Hajj in the Ankole region.

In 1968, Shk. Kiribedda performed his second Hajj. His return was graced with the presence of Shk. Mukulu – Swaib Semakula the then Mufti of Uganda and high profile Shiekhs like Shk. Obeid Lutale, Shk. Abdulkadir Mbogo and Shk. Muhammad Mukongo among others.

Sheikh Asumani Kiribedda Adyeeri

Sheikh Asumani Kiribedda Adyeeri

Championing of Muslim Education

Sheikh Kiribedda was a champion of Muslim education. Among his most important accomplishments is the establishment of Kabwohe Muslim School which was the first formal educational institution in Ankole.

He brought in Shk. Sulaiman Ruhinda the first post UMSC District Kadhi of Ankole in 1942 as the first teacher. For the first time, this was the school that catered for both Islamic religious education and secular education. Such was his passion for the school whose first teachers were accommodated in his own house.

The school became government aided in 1946. The other schools started by Shk. Kiribedda include Rugyenda in Bunyaruguru, Kyarubambura in Bukanga (Isingiro) and Nyamitanga in Mbarara.

Kyarubambura School alone has produced a long list of prominent Ugandans who include the author of Unsung Muslim Heroes Haji Nsereko Mutumba, the Rector IUIU Dr. Ahmad Sengendo Dr. Asumani Lukwago PS Ministry of Health, H.E Murtadha Katende Ugandan Ambassador in Ethiopia, Al Haji Obura Kasumba Deputy Principal Bilal Islamic Institute etc.

Owing to his pioneer role in the establishment of Muslim Schools, he earned himself the position of supervisor of Muslim Schools until he was replaced at his own request by AbdallahLubwama and later his own son Abbas Balinda Akiiki.

Another important accomplishment of Shk. Kiribedda as a leader relates to the land where the main Mosque in Kabwohe and the school stand.

Initially, the land was part of the Mailo land belonging to Rukumbyana. There were suggestions that the Mosque should be relocated elsewhere. Sheikh Kiribedda protested to the colonial government and a decision was made that this land belonged to the Muslims and a part of this land was carved out officially designated as Muslim land.

One occupation that dominated the like of Shk. Kiribedda was conducting Duwas. He was renowned for this. He travelled to many places in western Uganda and Buganda where he took part in Duwas.

Through the Duwas, he made a lot of friends and acquaintances. Shiekh Hatwib Mukuluwakika; the Acting Deputy Mufti of Uganda and a son to Shk. Kiribedda’s niece Joweria described Shk. Kiribedda as a guest in his own home. This was due to the long time that he used to spend away from home. His return was always much anticipated and invited some kind of celebration.

He was passionate about Duwas. At the time was he was really ill and perhaps convinced that his time to pass on had come, he asked his children to take him to his friend Shk. Nsambu for Duwa. His wish was granted and he was driven all the way from Kabwohe in Ankole to Nateete in Kampala. Sheikh Nsambu prayed for him and he was then taken to Mulago Hospital where he died later in the night.

Friends of Shk. Kiribedda

In his life, Shk. Kiribedda had many friends and acquaintances. The first one was Ali Kimunyiine in whose hands the young Rwakaikara embraced Islam and learnt the very first Islamic lessons. He groomed him and inducted him into a leadership role in the Muslim hierarchy.

Another one was Aramanzane Byarubatsika father to Shk. AbdunoorKaduyu. The two lived together as students of Kimunyiine and their friendship endured until the death of Byarubatsika.

Commenting on their relationship, Shk. Kaduyu said that at no time did he imagine that Kiribedda was not his own father. Others were his “brother” Ali Sebakaaki, Hussein Kyofatogabye, Shk. Juma Kyejo who was one of his teachers, Shk. Islam Ahmad Nsambu, Shk. Mutyaba, Shk. Obeid Lutale, Shk. Zaid Mugenyi Asooka, Shk. Abdallah Sekimwanyi, Shk. Swaib Semakula (Shk. Mukulu), Kesi Nganwa, Haji Musa Kasule of Wandegeya and Haji Ahmad Kamya.

In conclusion, Sheikh Kiribedda fulfilled Allah’s Command in the Holy Quran 28:77 which says;

“But seek with the wealth which Allah has bestowed on thee, the home of the hereafter, not forget thy position in this world, but do thou good as Allah has been Good to thee and seek not occasions for mischief in the land, for Allah loves not those who do mischief”.

“Since real life is possible only through knowledge, those who neglect learning and teaching are considered “dead” even though they are still alive. For we were created to learn and to communicate what we have learned to others” Fethullah Gulen.

Basing on the above Verse and quotation, Sheikh Kiribedda is a man who lived his life; he contributed emensely to his religion Islam and likewise contributed greatly to his nation.

He produced many Sheikhs as well as teachers, politicians, civil servants and business men.

He made useful friends both in Islam, politics, civil service and traditional leaders.

He propagated Islam in every part of Uganda and beyond Uganda.

After reading about this noble Sheikh, where do you put him? Is he not a hero though unsung?

The writer is the Public Relations Officer of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council. He can be reached on:

Tel: 0701409504 or 0772409504

Ka`aba Curtains Gifted to UN


Saudi Arabia gifted a piece of “kiswah”, or curtains, of the Grand Mosque in Makkah to the United Nation’s headquarter in New York, the gift deemed one of Islam’s most sacred items.

“I am pleased to join you to mark the reinstallation of this magnificent gift to the United Nations from Saudi Arabia,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement cited by Pakistan Tribe on August 1.

“We are honored that this example of cultural heritage and tradition is here with us at the United Nations.”

the piece was first presented to the UN in the early 1980s and sent to Makkah in 2014 as the Indonesian Hall, where the piece had been installed, needed to undergo renovation.

While back in Saudi Arabia, the piece also underwent maintenance work.

Made of pure silk and interwoven with silver threads covered with gold, the tapestry consists of nearly 50 black cloths and is decorated with verses from the Qur’an.

The Ka`aba kiswah is draped annually on the 9th day of the month of Dhul-Hijjah on the Islamic calendar.

Jesus Guided Me to Islam: Adebayor


Almost a month after announcing his reversion to Islam, Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor revealed reasons behind his conversion, saying that similarities between the two faiths led him to the truth.

“Jesus (pbuh) taught that there is only One God and Only God should be worshipped as taught in Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29. Muslims also believe this as taught in the Qur’an verse 4:171,” Adebayor was quoted by The Herald.

Adebayor was talking about one of 13 reasons behind his decision to embrace Islam after being seen taking Shahada, or declaration of faith, in a YouTube video posted online last month.

Among the reasons behind his reversion to Islam was that prophet Jesus (pbuh) didn’t eat pork like Muslims who consider pigs and their meat filthy and unhealthy to eat.

Words like “As Salaamu Alaikum” (Peace be with you) and “God Willing” (InshaAllah), mentioned by the Qur`an, the holy book of Islam, had been always used by Jesus (pbuh), the Togolese footballer found.

“Jesus (pbuh) washed his face, hands, and feet before praying. The Muslims do the same. Jesus (pbuh) and other prophets of the Bible prayed with their head to the ground (see Matthew 26:39). Muslims do too as taught in the Qur’an verse 3:43,” Adebayor stressed.

“Jesus (pbuh) had a beard and wore a robe. It is Sunnah for Muslim men to do the same.



As you are all aware by now, our longest cook at Kibuli S,S,Mr.Rwakambugu George William, popularly known as Mutooro, is retiring at the end of this year. I have spoken to the Headmaster, Kibuli S.S, Hajji Mugagga Ali, and we have all agreed that Mutooro deserves a meaningful send off. I know he was just doing his job, but I think its noble to give him something after dedicating 35 years of his life to not only cooking for students but being there for them and teaching us something about life. Yes, there was always something to learn from this gentleman about life!

I have been made to believe that Kibuli students and former students have always had a big heart when it comes to raising money for those less fortunate than themselves. By coming together, no matter where you live or your perception of Mutooro while still in school, you can be a part of something making our community a better place. So, please give and support this important effort.We will donate the money directly to Mutooro through the H/M, and together create a culture that best embodies our deepest religious and cultural values of compassion and love for the teachers.More so,these kind of causes kind of break down barriers between old students. I urge all to support this cause

1-For Western Union or Moneygram, send payment to:Ms. Rashidha Mukwanga in Kampala;
2- For mobile money, send to Rashidha Mukwanga at: 00256-757521376;
2- For PAYPAL, please email me as Facebook isn’t allowing the link here.

I know several groups might be raising money for the same, and that is OK, but they will find us there already moving. Names of all those that have donated will be published,if its OK, and also sent to Mr.Mugagga inishallah.If you are still in need of more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at: Asante sana!